Top 10 ESSENTIALS for Irish people visiting AMERICA

There are a few essentials which Irish people should consider when planning a trip to the USA, and here are some of the main ones.

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.

The United States is an alluring destination for Irish people, and there are many opportunities to embark on exciting adventures, visit world-famous national parks, and visit bustling cities.

So, if you have an upcoming trip stateside, ensure you are fully prepared. Let’s look at these ten packing essentials for Irish people visiting America.

10. Teabags – a true essential for Irish people

Bring your teabags for a taste of home.
Credit: Pixabay/ congerdesign

Irish people take tea seriously, and the truth is you won’t find a decent teabag in the United States, at least not compared to the Irish brands.

One of the most common things Irish people love to take to the United States is tea bags, which ensures you are sorted for your morning cuppa for the entire holiday.

9. The right clothing – the weather can vary

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.
Credit: Pixabay/ BKD

Believe it or not, the weather differs all across the United States, and if you travel in summer, it will certainly be warmer than Ireland, but in winter, it will undoubtedly be colder in some parts.

Research your destination and ensure you have packed the right clothes to keep you cool, warm, and protected from mosquitoes, whatever the weather.

8. An eSIM for staying connected – a necessary modern convenience

An eSIM is a necessary modern convenience.
Credit: Pixabay/ PublicDomainPictures

One of the great things about an eSIM is that it will help keep you connected as soon as you arrive stateside, but it won’t take up any space in your luggage since it is digital.

An eSIM is a modern convenience that makes it easy to access local data plans remotely and relieves the stress of finding a SIM card on arrival.

7. Relevant medication – staying healthy on holiday

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.
Credit: Pixabay/ Pexels

Ensure you have an ample supply of any relevant medications you need to take and keep them in their original containers.

It might be hard to source these in the United States, and it will require a costly visit to the doctor, followed by more visits to get your hands on the prescription. This will save you a lot of stress and hassle abroad.

6. SPF and sunglasses – taking skin protection seriously

Take skin protection seriously with SPF and sunglasses.
Credit: Pixabay/ dimitrisvetsikas1969

One of the top essentials for Irish people visiting America during the summer is a high SPF, a hat, and sunglasses.

The temperatures can soar depending on which part of the United States you are visiting, so be prepared for humidity, intense sun, and UV rays. It is always best to protect yourself as best you can when exposed to the American sun.

5. Copies of documents – better safe than sorry

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.
Credit: Pixabay/ myrfa

While the digital world is alive and well, having a few copies of your important documents at hand never hurts, especially if something is stolen, you don’t have access to your emails, or you lose a document along the way.

Always make copies of your travel insurance, hotel reservations, passport, and visa to be prepared.

4. Currency and payment methods – one of the top essentials

Ensure to change your currency.
Credit: Pixabay/ geralt

Going on holiday means paying for things like food, souvenirs, hotel rooms, and transport, so one of the top essentials for Irish people visiting America is sorting out efficient payment methods.

Some excellent options include prepaid cards like Revolut or Monzo, which allow you to set up a USD account, and it is advisable to take some dollars in cash, too.

3. Travel adapters/voltage converters – hassle-free power

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.
Credit: Pixabay/ aixklusiv

One of the top essentials for Irish people visiting America is to take travel adapters and voltage converters.

The United States has a different electrical plug and also, unlike Europe, has a different voltage, so you will need to pack these to use any of your electrical devices. Finding these items in advance will save money and lots of time.

2. Travel Insurance – something not to overlook

Travel Insurance is something not to overlook.
Credit: Pixabay/ Shutterbug75

Travel insurance is one of the top essentials for visiting the United States, especially since there is no free medical care, and the costs can be extremely high.

By sorting out suitable travel insurance coverage for you and your travel companions before you leave, you will have peace of mind for your trip.

1. Valid passport and visa – the most essential items

Top 10 essentials for Irish people visiting America.
Credit: Flickr / Allan LEONARD

While there are plenty of countries worldwide where Irish people don’t need a visa, the United States has different rules.

If this is your first trip to the US or you haven’t visited in a while, you must be aware that a valid passport and ESTA visa are needed to enter the country for 90 days. In addition, if you plan to drive in the US, take a valid international driving license.

As we all know, making the most of your trip requires some preparation. While the United States is a relatively easy destination, you can ensure a stress-free holiday by remembering these top ten essentials.

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