Epic Video of Irish Dancing To Ed Sheeran Song In Donegal is going Viral (WATCH)

Is this the best Irish dancing video ever?

Ed Sheeran song Nancy Mulligan from his latest album is a great tune and is very popular. However, it is arguably better in an amazing video with has been spreading like wildfire on the internet. This spectacular Irish dancing video, uploaded by the Shevlin twins, Gavin and Niamh, has already racked up over 800,000 views.

Shot in Horn Head on the Donegal coastline, the Irish dancing siblings perform to the song which Sheeran dedicated to his Irish Grandparents.  The view is absolutely beautiful and it is a great advertisement for Irish tourism and the Wild Atlantic Way.

The Shevlin twins are proud World Champion Irish dancers who started out at the age of four. They have travelled all over the world from Donegal to perform and compete. The current rankings show that Niamh is 10th in the world. On the other hand, Gavin has won The Ulster, All Ireland, Great Britain, All Scotland ,Irish National, European and World Championships.

The amazing video was shot by Paul Doherty Photography and you can view it below:

World Champion Irish Dancers – Ed Sheeran – The Shevlin Twins

Here's a video of us dancing to Ed Sheeran's Nancy Mulligan out at Hornhead on the Donegal coast.Video by Paul Doherty Photography

Posted by The Shevlin Twins on Monday, 24 July 2017

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