Doolin Hotel Manager Gives EPIC RESPONSE To Negative Review On TripAdvisor

This Doolin hotel manager is an absolute legend!

Donal Minihane, the General Manager of Hotel Doolin in Co Clare, came across a poor review on TripAdvisor.

As a responsible manager would do, he responded to the review and it turned out to be one of the best responses you’ll ever read.

The reviewer, Lovnhawaii, posted a number of derogatory remarks about the hotel which included comments about the receptionist, the Wi-Fi and the ‘grumpy ole men’ working in the hotel.

Anyone familiar with the area will know Hotel Doolin as an excellent hotel with extremely high standards.

The guest’s review.

General Manager Donal defended the hotel in his response which you can read below:

“Dear Lovinhawaii,

Thank you for staying with us at Hotel Doolin on your recent trip to Ireland and for posting your feedback. We were very disappointed with the content of your review.

However, after investigating the particulars of your stay in detail with all team members I was even more disappointed to learn that the content of the review was not an accurate reflection of what actually happened.

From the title of your review, other readers would think that you inadvertently stumbled into Hitchcock’s Jamaica Inn and that Hotel Doolin was full of brigands and cutthroats, that our staff wear eye patches and pantaloons and are hiding behind the pillars in the lobby, cutlass clenched between our teeth, waiting to jump out and pillage passers-by.

You say the hotel is deceitful and dishonest and that one of our staff members, Emma, is a liar when, in fact, it is your good self that is being liberal with the truth.

Emma did make a mistake on check-in with the rate, this was spotted the following morning by one of our more senior receptionists and was rectified before you checked out so that you never paid € 240 as you stated above.

Also, the duty manager met you the following morning, apologised for the mistake and gave you a further reduction on your rate.

We are 100% certain that Emma made a genuine mistake, as sometimes people do, and we feel it is very unfair and irresponsible of you to call her a liar and dishonest on a public forum.

I’m sensing a lot of anger in the review above and I know that you probably didn’t mean to let loose all that anger on us.

Hey, sometimes people just need to vent. Sometimes at night when I come home from a long day’s work at the hotel, I check to see if everyone is in bed and then I go out into the field at the back of my house and scream into the darkness. I let it all out, like a wolf on a moonlit mountain.

I feel better after that and nobody gets hurt. I’m not saying howling into the night like a wolf will work for you, I don’t know your circumstances, you may have neighbours that’ll think it is weird, but there are other ways of channelling rage that don’t have to involve Hotel Doolin and slandering Emma.

With regards the Wi-Fi, yes, the Wi-Fi in the west of Ireland is the worst in Europe, there is nothing we can do about this for the moment, although I think we are getting high-speed broadband in the area pretty soon. in the meantime, to anybody else reading this review. DO NOT COME TO DOOLIN IF WI-FI IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU THAN HUMAN INTERACTION, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

There are three men over the age of forty working in the hotel. Only one of them was working on the night you stayed, so we didn’t know how to deal with the ‘grumpy old men’ in your review, until my assistant manager came up with the only viable solution.

We’ve decided to execute all three of these men to ensure that no other guests will have to endure the horrific ordeal you went through that evening in the bar.

Paul, Martin and Luis will be blindfolded and shot in the back of the head at Fitz’s cross after mass this Sunday. There will be trad music, cocktail sausages and face-painting for the kids and I can organise a pair of complimentary tickets for you if you wish to attend.

I know this will not make up for what happened to you but we hope it will go some way towards showing you that we take your feedback seriously.

You see, even though you hurt us deeply with your review, we’d still like to be friends, we’d love if you afforded us the opportunity to change your opinion of us and hope that you will return to Doolin someday.

In fact, each year on the 30th February we have a party for our valued past customers who think we are liars, we all hold hands and dance around a campfire and sing songs that help us forget about the past and look with hope towards the future. We’d love if you could make it (that lying cheating ruffian Emma won’t be there, we promise).”

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  1. Fantastic response. I live in Spain and would certainly take a flight to stay in Hotel Doolin.

  2. Don’t know when I have laughed so hard ! Thank you sir for my morning moment of hilarity!!! I will most definitely come to your Inn one day I hope !!!

  3. Doolin is one of the best wee towns we have ever visited. Great music at the three main pubs played by people who are truly enjoying themselves and not just putting on a performance for the visitors (but don’t expect anything to happen before most people are usually going to bed), fabulous food at the Doolin Cafe, friendliness, sea, golf course, shops and somewhere to park your caravan if you are that way inclined. It will be for ever imprinted on my memory and make me smile.

  4. Tis a pity that the visitor could not enjoy the beauty of Doolin. Twas one of my favorite places to visit. Especially the pub at night. Perhaps LovnHawaii should stay stateside until he can learn to appreciate other cultures.

  5. I look forward to visiting your hotel. Thank you for responding to this person’s concerns in such an Irish fashion. I fear she my not comprehend the humor but I sure did. Thank you again for your response.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority. I actually looked at a LOT of reviews of Hotel Doolin, both on Trip Advisor and elsewhere. Leaving the beleaguered Emma aside, many of them outlined issues with staff rudeness in the pub and elsewhere, and cleanliness issues. Maybe this manager should spend his time helping out the housekeeping staff rather than penning snarky responses to unhappy customers. Or maybe he should give up hotel management altogether and become a writer. As for me, if I were planning on visiting Doolin, I would look elsewhere for a place to stay just for this alone.

  7. When I took a friend around the South, we stayed at Doolins it was full but we stayed in the holiday house they had, which was great and the breakfast the next morning was also good, the staff were friendly and courteous, so I reckon this idiot was just trying to get away without paying, I certainly would recommend anyone going there will have a good experience, mistakes happen, if it is rectified straight away then the problem lies with the visitor’s attitude, take no notice Emma,

  8. You must be because here is the review results Traveller rating


    Very good150




  9. Who goes to Ireland for WiFi. OMG, we were so taken with beautiful scenery and wonderful people, we didn’t care about electronic. The manager of the Doolin Hotel is right on. He handled it perfectly. I think no matter what was done to make this customer happy, they would have been disgruntled anyway.
    We’re planning to go back to Ireland, we’ll make sure The Doolin Hotel is on our list.


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