Dublin vs New York: cost of living comparison

Seeing the bright lights of the world’s biggest cities is costly for any aspiring traveller, but what if you’re deciding on moving to one of them permanently? Which wins, Dublin vs New York?

Transport costs, rental prices, eating out, going for drinks, utilities, there are just so many things to factor into your budget when moving abroad. It can be difficult to decide whether or not your cosmopolitan dream is actually attainable.

Two cost-heavy cities, Dublin and New York City, are home to enormous amounts of immigrants as a result of their international cultural acclaim and prominence.

Each boasts its own unique charms, whether it’s the skyline panoramas of NYC or Dublin’s own authentic Irish experience, there’s a reason many people have their sights on these two iconic cities.

If booking a one-way flight is on your agenda, and you’re deciding on New York vs Dublin, we’ve made this cost of living comparison to help inform your decision.

Dublin vs New York – rental prices

Rental prices are a big factor when moving to a new city.

While both cities have extortionate rental costs – with Dublin having a significant housing crisis that contributes in large to this – it is still New York City that reigns as the more expensive city to rent in overall.

For reference, a one-bed apartment in New York City’s City Centre would cost on average €2,886 per month. This is compared to Dublin’s €1,692 average, which makes it 70% lower overall.

Winner: Living in Dublin

Dublin vs New York – public transport

In terms of Dublin vs New York public transport, the winner is New York City.

When it comes to transport, the cost of living in Dublin is actually more expensive. Both New York City and Dublin are extremely congested cities, making public transport hassling at times.

But, given their scale and the wide variety of things to do and see, it soon becomes an integral part of any city-goers daily routine.

In overall transport costs, Dublin proves to be more expensive across the board. Its taxi fares have a 30% higher base rate of €4 to NYC’s €2.79.

A one-way ticket using Dublin’s Luas will set you back on average €3.00 compared to NYC’s €2.32, and if you plan on driving, then expect to pay 55% more in the Irish capital as prices per litre of petrol sit at around €1.43.

Winner: New York City

Dublin vs New York  – shopping, food, and going out

Eating out in Dublin vs New York tells us which is the better cost comparison and the winner is Dublin.

There is an abundance of options for shopping, food, festivals and events in New York. One of the best things about these two cities is their innumerable restaurant and cuisine options – but don’t expect to find cheap eateries without some hard graft as the average prices to eat out are high.

Still, Dublin ends up a bit cheaper overall with an average three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant costing around €60 vs NYC’s €84.

Similarly, Dublin’s supermarkets are cheaper across the board with most basic food items costing less – expect to pay four times as much for a bag of rice in the Big Apple!

But it’s not all doom and gloom in this comparison for NYC, as its clothing tends to sell for less overall. In Dublin, you might end up paying 39% more on a good pair of jeans.

You can get more of an idea of what it is like to live in the Irish capital by reading our article on living in Dublin: the pros and cons.

Winner: Dublin

Dublin vs New York – salary

In the debate about Dublin vs New York, you would get a higher salary in New York.

As you might expect, with New York City’s extortionate rental prices comes higher paid salaries to help people afford them.

Earners can expect to take home an average of about €4,700 a month in NYC, while Dubliners take home €2,476 to cover their costs.

Overall, moving to NYC will, on average, pay about 91% more a month than Dublin. This isn’t surprising, though.

Winner: New York

Dublin vs New York – utilities

For our debate on Dublin vs New York, both cities tie in this category.

Basic utilities seem to be slightly more expensive overall in Dublin vs in New York, with electricity, heating, and water costing around €150 in the former compared to New York’s €115 average.

They’re pretty neck in neck when it comes to internet bills, though.

Overall: Tie. Although New York City works out slightly more, these are based on estimates, and the gap is small enough that it isn’t really worth factoring into your budget when deciding to move here.

*Note that all of the figures above are taken from Numbeo and are based on averages, so actual costs can vary.

We know that you’re probably expecting a zenith conclusion that picks a side and tells you which city is better.

But, the truth is that both are incredible in their own way. Your personal lifestyle choices will affect how you spend money, and this will ultimately influence which city is more costly to you.

So, with your costs now weighed up, will you choose the cobbled paths of the Ireland’s fair city or the concrete jungle of NYC?

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