Dublin street art: 5 best spots for incredible colour and graffiti

Dublin is a hip, cosmopolitan city, and it’s art scene is alive and pumping. Check out our top five Dublin street art pieces you can see today!

With art and creativity flowing through the fibres of Dublin City, it comes as no surprise that the city has been getting somewhat of a make-over these past few years.

Be it radical murals, political messaging, impressive portraits, or electric artwork; it is all spreading like wildfire across the buildings and blank facades of Dublin City Centre.

Where once the city was awash with neutral tones and ageing canvases, now the city is bursting with colour and conceptual art. Once hidden-by-night street artists such as Joe Caslin and Maser, have now – at last – stepped into the limelight and are considered the resident artists of our fair city with new pieces popping up left, right and centre by a wave of new creatives.

Check out our top five spots to check out street art and graffiti in Dublin.

5. Drury Street – home to colourful art pieces

Drury Street is another great place to  catch some graffiti.
Credit: @markgofree / Instagram

A major city centre side-street, hosting some of the finest restaurant and bars in Dublin’s “Creative Quarter”, is Drury Street – no better place to showcase some fine examples of street art and graffiti.

Sitting a couple streets over from Grafton Street, this is the perfect place to dodge crowds while still being at the centre of it all. Check out the Drury Buildings for continually changing and ever-so-intriguing street art.

The façade is essentially a canvas, which is reinterpreted over time, meaning every so often you’ll get a little surprise when passing. Make sure to capture a snap – you’ll never know when it will change next!

Drury Street also runs parallel to George’s Street where Joe Caslin’s iconic “Claddagh Embrace”, or more widely known as the “Marriage Referendum Mural”, was presented on the run-up to the Irish marriage equality vote (which passed with flying colours, by the way!).

Location: Drury Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

4. Tivoli Car Park – the perfect place to see some of the best street art in Dublin

Dublin street art spots to grab good art is Tivoli Car Park.
Credit: @gonzalozawa / Instagram

Head on down to the Tivoli Car Park to check out what has essentially become an outdoor gallery for street artists and graffitists. Again, this is a constantly evolving, ever-inspiring mood board that gives insight to the styles of street art in Dublin City.

Artists simply grab a spot of free wall and jump right in, and although you never seem to see an artist in action – an element of street art so intriguing – it seems that they worked on their pieces for months, even though they’ve sprung up overnight.

Certainly worth a stop on a walking tour of Dublin, or a detour en route to work!

Address: Tivoli Car Park, 139 Francis Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.

3. Temple Bar – come for the pubs, stay for the art

Temple Bar is another of the top Dublin street art sites you should catch art.
Credit: @sinead_connolly_ / Instagram

Listed as the “Cultural Quarter” of this fair city, where better to showcase street art than the place that best displays our culture?

With quaint cobblestones, cultural and arts centres, and live music billowing from every open pub door, Temple Bar is an assault on the senses; just remember to look up! For, upon the building tops lie some of the finest displays of street art in Dublin.

A few key pieces to note are James Earley’s mural on the side of the Blooms Hotel on Anglesea Street and the ‘Repeal the 8th’, which supports Ireland’s Abortion Rights Campaign. (Note: on May 25th Ireland successfully repealed the 8th amendment of the constitution).

Address: Cow’s Ln, Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

2. Love Lane – a top spot for Dublin street art

Another of the top Dublin street art sites is Love Lane.
Credit: @allen_vorth_morion / Instagram

Take a stroll down Love Lane and soak up all the quirky and charming pieces of art that pepper the walls.

Love Lane is one of many laneways in the city which took part in the Love The Lanes initiative put forth by Dublin City Council. The initiative gave approved artists free-reign to turn specific lanes into an outdoor gallery, thus enhancing its aesthetics and making them more user-friendly and approachable.

This lane, which links Temple Bar to Dame Street, was conceptualised by street artist Anna Doran who adorned the laneway with love letters to Dublin, words of famous writers, and witty ceramic tiles.

Location: Love Lane Street, Crampton Court, Dublin 2, Ireland.

1. Richmond Street – full of inspirational street art

The U Are Alive art at Richmond Street is one of the top Dublin street art sites.
Credit: @dony_101 / Instagram

Take a stroll up Richmond Street for some of the finest examples of street art in Dublin. The centre point of this canvas is undeniably the Bernard Shaw pub – one of Dublin’s most loved local spots, where both inside and out you can get sterling examples of Dublin street art.

Only a couple of metres up the street you also have the “U ARE ALIVE*” mural – a friendly reminder to embrace the day. If you look across the street, you’ll see Fintan Magee’s contemporary still-life mural. Yep, it’s safe to say Richmond Street is the best place to soak up street art and graffiti in Dublin.

Location: Richmond, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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