Dublin Scores Higher Than all UK Cities in New Quality of Living Report

The quality of living in Dublin exceeds any UK counterpart.

Dublin is a small city with a big personality. In recent years, a mass renovation has seen the city take on a new shape, shedding its old skin and becoming, on the whole, a lot more European.

While rents have skyrocketed and the housing crisis on the tip of every politician’s tongue, it seems 2019 targets strive to re-correct the unbalance and offer good quality of living for all.

A new report, however, shows that Dublin comes in higher than every city in the United Kingdom in terms of the annual quality of living ranking.

The Report

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The new report is brought to us by Mercer and its 21st annual, Quality of Living Ranking – a study designed to explore the quality of living in the world’s biggest cities across the globe.

The report takes into consideration various elements of everyday living, experienced by the majority of residents in large cities.

The political and economic environments are two major factors taken into consideration. Other factors include transport offering, weather and climate, health care, general security and police force, and sanitation.

The Results


In total, Mercer ranked 231 cities across the globe. The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, ranked an admirable 33rd place, stepping up one spot from 34th in 2018.

While cities such as San Francisco and Calgary in Canada steamed ahead of Dublin in the rankings, our capital did win out over all ranked cities in the United Kingdom.

London came in 41st in terms of quality of living. Edinburgh was ranked at 45th, Glasgow at 48th place and Birmingham earned itself the 49th spot on the annual global ranking.

Impressively, the Austrian capital of Vienna has had the world’s highest quality of living for a decade!

First place awarded to Vienna in Austria. The second place was stolen by Zurich in Switzerland. Sharing third place was Vancouver in Canada, Munich in Germany, and Auckland in New Zealand. These five cities made up the top five of this year’s Mercer’s 21st Quality of Living Ranking.

Dusseldorf in Germany stole sixth place. Frankfurt in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark were awarded seventh and eighth place, respectively.

Ninth place went to Geneva in Switzerland. Its sister city, Basel in Switzerland was listed as the tenth place.

For more info on what it is like to live in Dublin, have a read of our article of the pros and cons of living there.


Photo by Markus Lompa on Unsplash

Mercer is the world’s largest human resources consulting firm. They offer leading data to the business world and host annual surveys on the quality of living in major cities around the world.

The aim of this data – as well as being interesting on many levels – is for employees who are being sent to work abroad. This information gives them an accurate understanding of their future location, and in turn allows them to speculate appropriate compensation for being relocated, also.

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