DUBLIN areas to AVOID (stay safe in 2024)

Dublin has some incredible things to see and do, but to ensure the utmost safety, here are some notorious Dublin areas to avoid.

Dublin areas to avoid (stay safe in 2024)

Every city has specific areas to avoid to minimise the risk of danger, but in recent years, Dublin has become more unsafe. With random attacks, riots, and theft on the rise, it is vital to know the Dublin areas to avoid.

Dublin’s crime rate has increased over the last few years, leading tourists to question the areas they plan to visit and locals to notice that once-safe areas are not as they once were.

If you plan to visit Dublin in 2024, you can be reassured that there are plenty of safe areas to enjoy, but it is advised that you take note of these Dublin areas to avoid minimising any risks.

Top tips for staying safe in Dublin:

  • Do not flash valuables when exploring the city to minimise the risk of pickpocketing and theft, especially on public transport.
  • Never wander around unlit areas that you are unfamiliar with, and avoid taking public transport in certain places at night.
  • Petty crime and drug abuse are on the rise in Dublin, so if you feel uneasy in an area, try to move on to an area that feels safer. Often, our gut feeling is right.
  • Be vigilant in Dublin City Centre at night, especially in areas we will mention further.
  • While Dublin is often regarded as one of the safest capital cities in Europe, it is still wise to stay alert and cautious while exploring the city.

5. Finglas – a reputation for violence

Picture of Charlestown in Finglas, Dublin.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

Finglas is located on the north side of the city and is often associated with gang-related crime and drug activity.

In recent years, the area has experienced increases in acts of violence and random attacks, which has left many visitors and locals feeling insecure visiting the area.

Due to the reputation of antisocial behaviour, visiting at night or taking public transport in this area is not recommended to avoid any issues.

It was just recently that a Brazilian man who was attacked in Finglas claimed that Finglas was more dangerous than the Favela.

4. Dublin City Centre – areas to be vigilant

Picture of people walking around Dublin City Centre. One of the Dublin areas to avoid.
Credit: Flickr/ Erzsèbet

While Dublin City Centre is generally a safe area to visit, since it is often busy and well-policed, you need to exercise caution in certain areas of Dublin.

Due to recent attacks, areas like O’Connell Street, Talbot Street, and Temple Bar should be cautiously visited, especially at night.

Other central areas with terrible reputations for drug abuse, theft, and high crime rates are Sherriff Street, Pearse Street, and Parnell Street. While these areas should be avoided, safe areas include Trinty College, St Stephens Green, and Grafton Street.

3. Tallaght – An unsafe place on the south side

Beautiful view of Tallaght, South Dublin.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

While the north side is often regarded as more dangerous than the south, with the south being considered more fancy, this is not always the case.

There are plenty of Dublin areas to avoid on the city’s south side, with Tallaght being a fine example.

While some parts of Tallaght are safer and well-policed than others, certain areas have a notoriously bad reputation, like Jobstown.

Tallaght was added to a map created by Deliveroo drivers, who mapped places where they had terrible encounters, and luckily for tourists, there is no reason to visit this area anyway.

2. Darndale – a long-standing bad reputation

Picture of a street in Darndale, one of the Dublin areas to avoid.
Credit: Facebook/ Adrian Kennedy & Jeremy Dixon

Darndale is a working-class area close to Dublin Airport on the city’s north side. It has a reputation for being a somewhat tough neighbourhood, where crime rates are higher than average, and is undoubtedly an area visitors should leave out of their itinerary.

Due to its long-standing reputation, Darndale is one of the most dangerous areas in Dublin and attracts gang-related violence, drug use, and local disputes, which can be a scary sight as a visitor to the area.

1. Ballymun – a notoriously unsafe neighbourhood

Credit: Flickr/ Admanchester

One of the main Dublin areas to avoid is Ballymun, located on Dublin’s northside. It has long been an area that locals regard as unsafe due to gang-related violence, vandalism, drug use, and theft.

While this area can be okay to visit during the day, it should undoubtedly be avoided at night at all costs.

Drug dealing is prevalent in this area of Dublin, and because of this, crime rates are rising in this Dublin neighbourhood.

If you want to stay safe and avoid trouble, it is best to avoid Ballymun and stick to the safe places in the city, of which there are plenty.

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Notable mentions (safe areas of Dublin)

Beautiful view of Portobello, Dublin.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

Portobello: One of the safest areas of Dublin is Portobello, which has an ideal location to visit the city’s best attractions.

Ballsbridge: Ballsbridge is one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Dublin, and this stunningly leafy suburb is a great place to explore while staying safe.

Dublin City Centre: Dublin City Centre has some fantastic areas to base yourself on, such as the Docklands, Rathmines, Merrion Square, and Drumcondra.

Ranelagh: Ranelagh is a hip suburb of Dublin known for its safety and is an excellent place for lively bars, restaurants, yoga studios, and its proximity to the city’s attractions.

Your questions answered about Dublin areas to avoid

Ballsbridge, South Dublin. One of the safe places in Dublin.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy

Are there any areas of Dublin to avoid?

Dublin has some areas to avoid to stay safe, including parts of the city centre like O’Connell Street, Temple Bar, and Talbot Street at night and neighbourhoods like Ballymun, Tallaght, Blanchardstown, and Darndale.

Is it safe to walk around Dublin at night?

While some areas are safe to walk around at night, the same cannot be said for the entire city.

It is best to avoid the abovementioned areas at night and only visit them during the day, while places like Ballsbridge, Ran,elagh, and Portobello are safe to explore at night.

Which neighbourhood is rough in Dublin?

Darndale, Jobstown, Blanchardstown, and Ballymun are often considered rough neighbourhoods in Dublin. Some other neighbourhoods with bad reputations include Finglas, Clondalkin, and Cherry Orchard.

So, if you are planning a visit to Dublin, make sure to stay vigilant and enjoy the many safe areas of this beautiful Irish city.

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