5 Amazing Things You Could Do For The Price of a Temple Bar Pint

With the silly season now behind us, 2019 calls for action. New Year resolutions seem to be the talk of the town and whilst bars and restaurants may take a hit this month, our livers and bellies will be delighted to be off the hook – at least for a short while.

“Dry January” seems to be the hot contender for the “most talked-about resolution” to date. The concept of “dry January” is simply denying oneself of alcohol for the entire month in an act of defiance against ones newfound love for libations, post a hectic drinking period (in this case, Christmas).

Whilst we all know that our hard-earned money could be better spent, it can sometimes be easy to forget all the worthwhile ways we could be using our euros (or pounds if you’re in Northern Ireland), instead of wasting it on pints.

With the cost of a standard pint higher than ever – it is now a whopping €8 for a pint of Heineken in Oliver St John Gogarty in Temple Bar, which does have some of the most expensive pints of Guinness in Dublin – we took the time to inspire you with the five most amazing things you could do for a price of a pint!

5. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Ever wanted to delve in Dublin’s past? “Dry January” is the time. For a little less than the price of an expensive pint in a Temple Bar pub, you could be getting lost in the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland.

Founded far back in 1191, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is located in the heart of Dublin, only moments walk from Christchurch Cathedral. It is the tallest church (not Cathedral) and the largest, with a spire stretching 141 feet into the sky, making it visually stunning and impressive nonetheless.

Group tours, as well as individual admission, concerts, workshops and events, take place in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and tickets start from only €6.50 meaning this cultural experience is actually cheaper than a single pint.

4. National Aquatic Centre

Feel like shaving off some of those Christmas calories? We’re with you there. Head on over to Dublin’s National Aquatic Centre, in Blanchardstown, not far from the city.

This is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations attracting nearly one million visitors per annum. For those of you who aren’t too keen on organized exercise, this is the perfect way to add a little fun to feel the burn.

This indoor waterpark is choc-a-bloc with thrilling rides and slides, wave pools and more. And, for those who want to let the little ones splash whilst they get in some gym time: no sweat, a state of the art ToneZone is on-site.

Entry to the AquaZone Monday-Friday ranges between €4 – €7.50, certainly less than a pint in Temple Bar.

3. Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in Dublin, just moments from the main streets, this city gaol is fundamental in Ireland’s troubled past.

The gaol operated between 1796 and 1924 and is inextricably linked with the Irish rebellion and 1916 rising, housing some of the most prominent leaders such as Charles Stewart Parnell, Robert Emmet and Anne Devlin.

This is both a perfect place for history buffs or those looking to bone up on Ireland’s past and a daytime activity for those seeking to see inside the country’s most significant gaol.

Guided tours run around the clock and booking in advance is essential. Tickets range between €4 – €8.

2. Cliffs of Moher

If you’re still considering giving “dry January” a go, consider this: you could visit the Cliffs of Moher for the same price of a pint in Temple Bar!

Located in County Clare on the West coast of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are, time and again, listed as one of the most sought-after things to see in all of the Emerald Isle – if not the world.

Entry to this natural wonder is €8 on arrival, but if you book online you can opt for entrance for as little as €3.50 (that’s less than two pints in Temple Bar, in fact).

1. Ryanair Flight

Now it may be a few quid more expensive than a pint (+ €3 to be exact) but just think about how many epic trips you could plan if you took January off the juice!

Glasgow, Scotland.

Flights from Ryanair this January are as low as €11, to places such as Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol, so if you’re feeling like a lick of wanderlust will quash those holiday blues this one is for you.

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