Dingle Coast Guard get involved in the viral Jerusalema dance trend (WATCH)

After a video of the Gardaí taking on the dance trend went viral last week, the Dingle Coast Guard are next to step up and take the challenge.

A video posted by the Gardaí of many officers across Ireland taking part in the viral Jerusalema dance trend has taken the internet by storm. Since then, many have accepted the challenge, including families, nursing homes, communities, and businesses.

The latest group to tap their feet along to the hit song is the Dingle Coast Guard, whose video shows off the breathtaking Kerry scenery.

With the fantastic County Kerry coastline as their backdrop, eight coast guards dressed head to toe in rescue gear show off their impressive footwork, completing the dance to perfection.

Not a foot out of place – impressive dance moves

Not a foot out of place as the Dingle Coast Guard take on the Jerusalema dance trend.
Credit: Screenshot / Youtube

The fantastic video of the Dingle Coast Guard taking part in the Jerusalema dance trend has been praised all across Ireland with many people expressing their gratitude to the group for doing their part to spread some joy during what has been a very difficult year.

One commenter said, “Love it. Well done all and thank you for all your service.”

Another who can’t wait for restrictions to be lifted said, “Well done… great energy and beautiful scenery. Can’t wait to see Dingle again soon.”

With many stuck inside due to a national lockdown, the viral dance trend is doing a great job of cheering people up across Ireland.

No more from the Irish Coast Guard – banning participation in the viral dance trend

Dingle Coast Guard take on the Jerusalema dance trend.
Credit: Screenshot / Youtube

However, in response to the video posted on social media on Monday by the Dingle Coast Guard, the National Coast Guard issued a statement prohibiting its volunteers from taking part in the Jerusalema dance challenge.

Despite the social distancing from the Dingle Coast Guard in the Jerusalema dance trend video, the National Coast Guard has banned members from other divisions across Ireland from gathering in groups to take part in the trend.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the National Coast Guard announced,

“In support of the decision to ensure units prioritise their availability to respond to emergencies throughout this pandemic, the Coast Guard has, on this occasion, requested that units do not engage in these types of activities during this period of the pandemic.

“The Coast Guard looks forward to a time where Covid-19 restrictions are eased and when units can resume participating in these community type events.

“The Coast Guard has updated its advice to members to inform them that they may participate in the Jerusalema challenge on an individual basis where volunteers within a unit are filmed individually and complying with public health guidelines at all times.”

The National Coast Guard management also praised their volunteers for all the hard work they have done. However, with the ongoing pandemic, it is uncertain when life will get back to normal in Ireland again.

You can also watch the Gardaí’s take on the viral dance challenge here.

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