Derry Girls creator reveals she’s working on film version of hit comedy

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has confirmed that work has begun on a potential film version of the acclaimed Irish sitcom set in Northern Ireland.

The hit sitcom, which has run for two series so far, has now been commissioned for a film version. The first series of Derry Girls aired in January 2018, with the second series arriving in March of last year, and it has been praised as one of the best Irish sitcoms in years.

When speaking to Red Carpet News, creator of Derry Girls Lisa McGee revealed that discussions over a Derry Girls film had already taken place and that Erin, James, Clare, Orla, Michelle and the rest of the cast were set for an adventure on the big screen. “That’s definitely something we’re talking about and something I’d like to explore,” she said. “It’s just if the story is right. So, it’s about me figuring all that out at some point!”

A Derry Girls movie

A film version of Derry Girls has been hinted at for a long time, dating back to 2018 when Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan, who plays the dad Gerry on Derry Girls, said: “We finished filming the second series last Friday so that’ll go out in March… We’re doing season three and then a film maybe.”

However, at the time Tiernan did say that ultimately it was up to the writer Lisa McGee on whether she wished to put pen to paper on a possible Derry Girls film. Tiernan was also quoted as saying, “She’s a genius I think in terms of the amount of stories she’s able to fit into each episode and I think it’s fantastic.”

Series 3 of Derry Girls

Derry Girls' creator revealed she's working on film version of hit comedy

Besides announcing the upcoming film version of Derry Girls, McGee also provided fans with an idea of what they could expect to see from the upcoming third series of the hit show. “In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in,” McGee said. “That’s really exciting, writing those. That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that.”

When asked about how the main characters will fare in series 3, McGee says: “They’re still eejits, and they still get into a lot of trouble, but they’re certainly going to grow up a little bit. There’s definitely a very personal journey that they go on.”

When asked why the show and the cast has resonated with so many people, McGee went on to say, “I think because people can recognize themselves; we’ve all been a dick when we were young maybe. There’s a fondness for them because they’re so flawed and stupid at times, people recognize themselves in that.”

McGee also hinted that in series 3 of Derry Girls that there will be a plethora of new characters and familiar guest stars. “There’s lots of new guest characters, as always. In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in,” McGee said. “That’s really exciting, writing those. That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that.”

Derry Girls does not as of yet have an official return date, but it is widely believed to be returning to our screens at some stage this year.

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