Excitement is high as Ireland gears up for Culture Night 2023

It’s nearly that of year again when we celebrate Irish culture in all its forms, and here is all you need to know to get involved.

Excitement is high as Ireland gears up for Culture Night 2023.

Irish culture is known across the globe, and it is only fitting that we have a night dedicated to our incredible heritage and all that comes with it.

In just over a week, the eighteenth edition of Culture Night returns to Ireland with plenty of exciting free activities and events nationwide.

Here is all you need to know.

Culture Night returns next week – what’s in store?

Excitement is high as Ireland gears up for Culture Night 2023.
Credit: Facebook/ Culture Night

Brought to you by the Arts Council, Culture Night is all about celebrating Irish culture, the arts, and creativity, and of course, the Irish love nothing more than a good celebration.

Culture Night will be delivered nationwide, so no one has to miss out, and the best part is all activities are free of charge, so there is no excuse not to get involved and celebrate your heritage.

Last year alone, 742,000 people joined in on 1,700 cultural events across the country, and this year, it is back with a bang.

Taking place on Friday, 22 September, this fantastic event, which began in Dublin’s Temple Bar in 2006, will host a wide range of unique cultural events and performances for everyone to enjoy.

From family-friendly activities to folklore, food, and astronomy-themed events, this year’s Culture Night will have plenty for all ages and interests to discover wherever they live.

Unmissable events – a few all-day events to watch out for

There are a few all-day events to look out for.
Credit: Facebook/ Culture Night

With a wide range of themed events nationwide, choosing which ones to attend might be tricky. Regarding daytime events, music lovers cannot miss Climatewise Culture Céilí in Cavan or the open rehearsal of the Donegal Youth Orchestra in Letterkenny.

At the same time, comedy enthusiasts will enjoy Laughs at the Halfway House in Wexford. Other notable events include the Big Bus Dublin Night Tour and Gimme a Minute Film Festival in Mullingar, showcasing a string of inspiring three-minute-long films.

Culture Night Late, established just two years ago, is also returning with an exciting late-night program this year.

This feature of Culture Night 2023 allows people of all ages to connect to late-night culture in Ireland in a new and innovative way, with some incredible late-night shows and performances.

Some unmissable events include Candy’s Sweet As Circus Cabaret at Cork’s Marina Market, a late-night talk at the Dublin Buddhist Centre, and the Pop-Up Gaeltacht on Galway’s Middle Street.

Culture Night 2023 – something for everyone

This year's instalment promises something for everyone.
Credit: Facebook/ Culture Night

One of the best things about Culture Night is the vast range of activities and events.

Whether you fancy listening to some inspiring poetry and music, learning more about Irish folklore, food, and biodiversity, or want to pick up a few words of the Irish language, they’ve got you covered.

If you are worried about missing events and being unable to be in two places simultaneously, RTÉ will have several live broadcasts to keep you in the loop, including a Culture Night Special on RTÉ Radio 1.

Check out a complete list of events here.

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