County Wicklow is revealed as the ancestral home of Elvis

One of the most famous people of the 20th century, if not the most famous, Elvis Presley remains an icon to this day.

While people born in the 21st century may not fully grasp just how important Elvis was to the youth movement of the time and several other social issues, he continues to hold a great deal of respect and recognition among mainstream music fans of today.

Deservedly called “The King,” most know Elvis as the provocative Rock and Roll legend from the southern states of the US, specifically Mississippi and Tennessee.

While this is true, and where his legend was founded, like many in the US, his roots are not in the North American continent. In fact, Elvis Presley has Irish heritage.

Elvis’ roots are in County Wicklow – The King has Irish heritage

County Wicklow is revealed as the Ancestral Home of Elvis.

If you want to experience a somewhat niche aspect of Elvis’ legend, you’ll need to go to County Wicklow.

The youngest of the traditional counties, only being formed in the early 1600s, it’s a popular tourist destination for hiking, incredible scenery, and beaches. It’s also where The King’s great-great-great-great-grandfather hails from.

In a court document from 1775, it’s recorded that William Presley claimed that he had been assaulted, and he took the case to trial.

Presley himself was from a town near Shillelagh, Stranakelly, and was a farmer. He had taken his claims to the Carlow Court of Assizes on 25 August of that year, but it is not known what the outcome of the case was.

Before the end of 1775, he emigrated to the US with his son, settling in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The legend of Elvis remains strong – a prominent figure today

The legend of Elvis remains today.

Nearly 160 years after William Presley left the shores of Ireland, Elvis was born in Mississippi on 8 January 1935.

A couple of decades later, he had begun to forge a music legacy that few can compare to, selling over 146 million records in the US alone.

Of course, he’s now much bigger than a musician, with his iconography being instantly-recognisable by all.

It’s because of this that you see so many references and renditions to The King, as so many know Elvis well enough to have a fondness for just about any high-quality product that ties itself to him.

A Hollywood icon a new movie

There is a new movie out about The King.

In the realm of online casino gaming, a couple of popular slots have garnered quite an audience, with the initial appeal being Elvis.

Aloha King Elvis! and Elvis Frog in Vegas rank highly both for the theme and the gameplay. Hollywood also continues to go big on one of America’s most recognisable figures.

Most recently, the movie Elvis, with Austin Butler portraying The King, came out to rave fan reviews and a fairly strong average critics score, hitting 94 per cent and 78 per cent, respectively.

Hot on its heels, it was announced that Jacob Elordi had been cast to play Elvis in the upcoming flick based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir.

Elvis Presley remains an icon to this day, and it’s fun to know that his ancestry hails back to the Irish lands of County Wicklow.  

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