Could popular Dublin pub get rid of Guinness?

Could popular Dublin pub get rid of Guinness?

The cost of living crisis has seen everything increase in price, and a recent Diageo price increase – the third in 18 months – threatens to outprice pubs and drinkers out of pints.

One Dublin pub has decided to make a stand against the price increase by removing some Diageo beers, but could the price increase really force its hand to get rid of Guinness?

Diageo price increase – drinking in Ireland just got more expensive

Credit: Pexels/ Pixabay

Diageo has something of a monopoly when it comes to alcoholic drinks in Ireland. It distributes a range of the country’s most popular beers, including Rockshore, Harp, Hop House 13, Kilkenny, Smithwick’s, and, of course, Guinness.

The company recently announced a price increase across the country. The price hike will see the average price of a pint rise by six cents in the Republic of Ireland and seven pence in Northern Ireland.

Diageo pointed the finger at its increasing operational costs for the price increase and said, “In order to offset this, we must pass on some of these additional costs to our customers”.

Taking a stand – the Dublin pub eschewing Diageo

Credit: Facebook/ Kavanagh’s Pub New Street

Many, publicans and drinkers alike, have expressed their disappointment at the price hike and their concerns that it may drive people away from pubs, and drive the pubs out of business.

Rather than simply bemoan the situation, however, one Dublin pub is taking matters into its own hands and taking a stand against Diageo. Taking to Facebook, Kavanagh’s outlined its plan.

Its post took aim at the Diageo’s “corporate greed” and criticised other Dublin pubs as “price gougers” before revealing its plan to “[pull] some of their [Diageo’s] taps”.

What does this mean for Guinness? – could this Dublin pub get rid of the black stuff?

Credit: Flickr/ Zach Dischner

One of the cheapest pints in Dublin, we included Kavanagh’s on our guide to finding a pint in Dublin for less than €5 in 2024. But could the pub really get rid of Guinness with its plans to eschew Diageo?

Thankfully, the pub’s Facebook post clarified that its plan will only affect beers like Rockshore and Hop House 13. Guinness will remain untouched. Indeed, Kavanagh’s doubled down on its commitment to serving Guinness at an affordable price.

The post read, “We always try look after our locals that’s why yet again we will absorb this 3rd increase in 18 months on Guinness with our discount scheme for customers paying with cash & leave it at €5.

“[A] good portion of our customers are senior citizens who never moved to the modern card & tap era so for them they can still come in with €20 cash & have 4 pints”.

Unfortunately, this only applies to Guinness, and other products will see an increase at Kavanagh’s. But we’re certainly glad that, for now, there’s still hope for a cheap pint of the black stuff in Dublin.

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