Ireland named among top countries winning Covid-19 battle

Ireland named among top countries beating Covid-19 battle. Check out all the updates on coronavirus in Ireland in this article.

Ready for some good news? Well according to a new poll by, Ireland is among the top countries beating the latest pandemic Covid-19. As we all know, coronavirus in Ireland caused a lockdown that was implemented in March, creating strict rules, regulations, and a whole new way of life, and is still something we are getting used to.

This lockdown meant that many had to work from home or even lost their jobs, they had to isolate from family and friends, could only venture out for essential errands, and could only exercise close to home, all challenges and huge changes for most of the nation.

We were told that by doing our part, we would help to keep ourselves, family, friends, and the vulnerable members of the community safe, and now it is clear that we are well on our way to beating the virus.

Yes, these days have been extremely tough on each of us for many reasons, but we have a lot to be proud of, and by sticking together as a country, the numbers are continuously dropping. Coronavirus in Ireland is being beaten.

In good hands

Leo Varadkar has been leading the country out of this crisis.

The lockdown began with an initial two-week period, as seen in many other country’s, but soon became more strict as time went on. Just when we thought the end was near, there was another extension made by our Taoiseach, and for good reason.

Back in March in his initial speech regarding the lockdown, Leo Varadkar stated that, We’ve a duty as a society to protect ourselves, our parents and grandparents, our family and friends, our co-workers and neighbours.” We believed his word, and right we were.

No need to keep playing zoom in the near future, coronavirus in Ireland is hopefully coming to an end.

Our leaders have taken control of the situation in a humble and sincere but earnest manner. It is paying off, according to the recent poll.

In this speech, he went on to say, “In the period ahead, the government will deploy all the resources we can muster. They are extensive but not unlimited. This is going to involve big changes in the way we live our lives, and I know I’m asking people to make enormous sacrifices. Acting together as a nation, we can save many lives.”

 The nation listened, acted, and stuck together, and as the weeks went on, things became more challenging, until there was light at the end of the tunnel, an ‘exit plan’. Finally, the nation’s sacrifices were working, and we could begin to see what our new normal would look like. If it weren’t for a supportive nation and a professional leader, this wouldn’t have been the case.

It’s all in the numbers

As you can see coronavirus in Ireland is dropping off, which is a good sign.

Since the virus reached Ireland in late February, there have been a total of 23,242 people infected, of these, 1488 resulted in death, 17,110 people have recovered, and countless lives have been saved due to the strict measures.

Within the first three weeks of the virus being known, it had quickly spread to all of the counties. We saw a spike in the numbers in mid-April. Still, with strict social distancing, continuous support from the nation who stayed at home, selfless work undertaken by our healthcare workers, and further rules and regulations which were implemented, the numbers started to fall, lower and lower each day, bringing us to the point we are at now, close to the end of the lockdown.

We’re nearly there beating coronavirus in Ireland

As you can see, coronavirus in Ireland is dropping just as it is in Spain and Italy.

According to the poll, we are listed among countries such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, who are ‘Nearly There’, with beating this virus. Many of these countries have had substantial death rates, especially Spain and Italy, but both have come out stronger, implementing their own ‘exit plans’, having seen a reduced number in Covid-19 cases, and all because they too stuck together.

Because Ireland is an island nation of strong, patriotic people, we too have the power to beat this, and as we can see, we already are. The only way to keep lowering the numbers and to return to a new normal as soon as possible is to stay safe and stay home for the time being.

Here are some tips for staying safe

With coronavirus in Ireland you need to stay safe and wear masks, wash you hands and social distance.
  • Always maintain a 2m social distance
  • Wear a face mask to protect you in public
  • Always carry clean gloves and hand sanitizer with you in public
  • Stay home unless your journey is essential
  • Keep a safe distance from anyone showing flu-like symptoms

We’ve gotten this far as a nation, and we can beat Covid-19, so stay home, we’re nearly there! We’ll have defeated coronavirus in Ireland in no time.

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