Cork’s English Market: Explore Cork’s culinary delights

Nestled in the heart of Cork City, the English Market stands as a culinary gem, weaving a tapestry of flavours that reflects Ireland’s rich history and vibrant culture.

CORK's English MARKET: Culinary delights of the historic market

Established in 1788, this historic market has transcended time, surviving wars and earning a reputation as one of the country’s oldest and most iconic marketplaces.

Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the enticing stalls of Cork’s English Market, where local vendors proudly showcase fresh produce, artisanal delights, and a kaleidoscope of international cuisines.

Discover the tales behind the stalls and immerse yourself in the sensory symphony that defines this cultural landmark.

Ireland Before You Die’s top tips for visiting Cork’s English Market:

Entrance to the bustling Cork's English Market, Ireland, with historic stone archway adorned with signage.
Credit: Instagram / @theenglishmarketcork
  • Visit the market in the morning for the freshest produce and a lively atmosphere.
  • Try traditional Irish dishes like black pudding, spiced beef, and artisan cheeses. Cork is known for its seafood, so take the chance to try fresh catches.
  • Some stalls might prefer cash, so having some on hand is good.
  • The English Market is located right at the heart of Cork City, so it’s easily accessible by foot for those visiting the city.
  • Should you stay further out than the centre, the closest bus stops to the market are served by buses 203, 205, 207, 208, 209A, 2013, 214, 215, 216, 220, and 220X.

Interesting facts about Cork’s English Market:

An image of a woman standing at a stall in the English Market in Cork, Ireland, purchasing smoked fish from the vendor
Credit: Instagram / @theenglishmarketcork
  • The English Market dates back to 1788, making it one of the oldest markets of its kind in Ireland.
  • The market’s architecture features a stunning mix of Victorian and Edwardian styles.
  • The market miraculously survived the Burning of Cork in 1920 during the Irish War of Independence.
  • The market is renowned for its selection of artisanal and locally produced foods, including handmade chocolates, pastries, and cheeses.
  • It made an appearance in the Cork-set film The Young Offenders.
  • The English Market has undergone preservation efforts over the years to maintain its historical charm and significance within Cork’s community.

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Your questions answered about Cork’s English Market

A photograph of the Red Abbey Tower, a historic landmark in Cork, Ireland.
Credit: Wikipedia Commons / Michael Waldron

What is sold at the English Market in Cork?

The English Market in Cork sells a wide array of fresh produce, meats, seafood, artisanal cheeses, baked goods, international delicacies, and locally crafted products.

What can you buy in the English market in Cork?

Visitors can buy various goods, including farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality meats, gourmet cheeses, handmade chocolates, unique spices, freshly baked bread, and ready-to-eat meals from diverse international cuisines.

Why is it called the English Market in Cork?

The English Market got its name in the 19th century when it was a predominantly Anglo-Irish market. The term “English” distinguished it from the nearby St. Peter’s Market, which served the Irish population.

Who owns English Market Cork?

The English Market in Cork is owned by Cork City Council. The council manages and operates the Market, ensuring its continued role as a vibrant and historical hub for both locals and visitors.

Contact and more info

Phone: (+353) 21 422 6902

E-mail: [email protected]


Address: Grand Parade, Centre, Cork, Ireland

Opening hours:

Monday–Saturday: 8 am–6 pm

Sundays and bank holidays: Closed

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