Top 5 CELTIC rings for WOMEN available online

Irish culture and heritage are often perfectly complemented through Celtic jewellery, and here are five of the top Celtic rings for women available online.

Top 5 Celtic rings for women available online.

Irish culture is adored and admired by those who live on this land, those with Irish heritage, and also those who appreciate the unique history of it all.

Celtic culture is often portrayed through symbols, patterns, stories, and a rich history that continues to be told from ancient times to the current day.

If you’re searching for a unique gift for a loved one, or perhaps you just want to treat yourself, well, we’re sure that one of these five Celtic rings for women might be of interest to you.

5. The Irish Claddagh Ring, Meanwhile in Ireland – one of the most classic Celtic rings for women

The Claddagh dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries in Ireland.
Credit: Meanwhile in Ireland

Nothing screams Irish culture more than the Claddagh ring. It’s a symbol and a piece of jewellery that is deeply rooted in Irish tradition and culture.

A reflection of Ireland, it’s a beautiful piece that carries a fascinating story along with it. The first tales of the Claddagh date back to the 16th and 17th centuries in Ireland.

The way you wear a Claddagh is very important. For example, if it is worn on the wearer’s right hand, their heart is yet to be captured.

If you wear it on your left hand with the heart facing outwards, this means you’re engaged. Once it is turned outwards, this signifies marriage.

You can bag this beautiful, silver-plated piece from Meanwhile in Ireland for just £19.99. The perfect way to share a piece of Irish heritage with a loved one.

4. Silver Celtic Ring, Glencara – stunning Celtic knot pattern

Top 5 Celtic rings for women available online.
Credit: Glencara

Available in gold or sterling silver, this stunning wrap-around ring was handcrafted in Ireland, ensuring quality and longevity.

This piece is adorned with a stunning Celtic pattern, one that has been around since ancient Ireland, one of the many Celtic regions where the Celts came from.

Resembling an array of different Celtic knots, including the Sailor’s Celtic Knot, this pattern has appeared on stones, metalwork, and jewellery in Ireland for centuries. This Celtic ring could be yours for a very reasonable £43.28.

3. Sterling Silver Open Hand Heart Ring, Ireland Before You Die – a symbol of love and friendship

This is a symbol of love and friendship.

This sterling silver ring is an adorable Celtic ring for women that symbolises love and friendship. As such, it’s the perfect gift to share with a loved one or a friend.

This ring is like the Claddagh with a twist as it doesn’t feature the crown but still features the open hands and little hearts.

So, this is a truly unique piece of Irish jewellery you could wear yourself or gift to someone special. This piece is available on the Ireland Before You Die shop for a cool £24.99.

2. Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Ring, Meanwhile in Ireland – one of the best Celtic rings for women available online

Top 5 Celtic rings for women available online.
Credit: Meanwhile in Ireland

This is certainly one of the most popular choices when it comes to Celtic rings for women as a gift or a “treat yourself” moment.

With its intricate variation on the Trinity Knot design, or the Triquetra, this is a beautiful piece of jewellery to represent Ireland’s rich heritage and culture, one of many Celtic symbols with a deep meaning.

The Trinity Knot is an ancient symbol that consists of three connected arcs which form this particular knot.

Thanks to its shape that seems to have no end and no beginning, it is said to symbolise endless love and eternal life. This is a stunning gift for anyone who appreciates a bit of Celtic culture.

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1. Celtic Knot Band Ring, Ireland Before You Die – a statement piece

This is a statement piece.

This Celtic Knot Band Ring is the perfect piece for the women in your life who prefer bolder, statement pieces of jewellery over dainty and more delicate ones.

This Celtic Knot Band Ring is made from stainless steel and features a black and silver pattern with an intricate Celtic Knot within the black rectangular band.

A statement piece for sure, this ring is sure to get people interested in its background and history. Celtic knots have been around for centuries and reflect a key component of Irish history and culture, which has influenced the world in a number of ways.

They come in many different forms, with each representing something different with a unique story to tell. As depicted in this particular ring, Celtic knots often reflect interconnectedness and have an endless nature to represent the cycle of life.


Top 5 IRISH RINGS for WOMEN available online

Top 5 CELTIC RINGS for men available online

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