Top 5 STUNNING Celtic Knot rings available for purchase online NOW

Take this ancient Irish symbol with you wherever you go. Read on to discover our top five Celtic Knot rings available online right now!

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Here are five beautiful Celtic Knot rings you can buy online.

The Celtic Knot has a long and often mysterious history, seeped in both pagan and Christian spirituality.

It decorates the borders of Celtic Christian manuscripts like the Book of Kells but has also been found carved into pre-Christian sites.

There are many variations of this ancient symbol. However, its popularity has somehow endured through the centuries and is today a popular design in jewellery.

Many people love to bring a piece of their heritage with them wherever they go, and a ring may be one of the easiest physical ways to do this.

However, with so much choice, it can be difficult to settle on the right piece. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of the top five Celtic Knot rings available online right now. So, let’s take a look!

5. Men’s Silver Celtic Trinity Knot – the power of three 

This men’s silver Celtic Trinity Knot is simple and beautiful, making it one of the best Celtic Knot rings you can buy online.

Representing unity and eternity, this intricate Trinity Knot design ring is a great gift for a loved one, whether romantic or platonic.

Three was considered a sacred number to ancient Celtic people. Indeed, the number was associated with some of their most important concepts. For example, the three trimesters of pregnancy; past, present, and future; and birth, life, and death.

This men’s ring is individually handcrafted in Ireland from sterling silver. This store is also selling it almost 50% lower than the recommended retail price — what a bonus!

4. Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring with Trinity Knot Detail – for love, balance, and equilibrium 

This sterling silver amethyst ring includes a flash of purple, which makes it unique and special.

In this band, the unending woven knot is still present in the detail, symbolising everlasting love. However, this ring is also centred with a beautiful amethyst stone.

If you are a believer in the powers of crystals and stones, then you’ll know that amethyst is said to bring about balance and equilibrium. When it comes to symbolism in this ring, that’s not a bad combination!

So, if you’re looking for one of the most perfect Celtic Knot rings available for purchase online, either for yourself or a loved one, this could be the one for you.

3. Celtic Knot Viking Ring Gold – a gift for someone who needs a reminder of home

This beautiful Celtic Knot Viking Ring in Gold is one of our favourite Celtic Knot rings available online.
Credit: Meanwhile in Ireland

For those who prefer gold jewellery, this band could be a great option.

Reasonably priced at less than £20 / €25, this is a great budget option for anyone looking for a beautiful reminder of Ireland on a budget.

Intricate and unique, this is the perfect way to treat someone to a little gift of Ireland.

2. Silver Celtic Beach Ring – blending two ancient Irish symbols

This silver Celtic Beach Ring is understated and beautiful, making it one of our favourite Celtic Knot rings to purchase online.
Credit: Ireland Before You Die

Another great budget option, this beautiful Celtic Knot ring costs less than £15 / €20. The perfect gift for that special guy in your life, this unique silver ring boasts an intricate Celtic design that can be worn every day.

A great reminder of the Emerald Isle, this stunning ring blends two ancient Irish symbols: the Triskele and the Celtic Knot.

Understated yet detailed, this is certainly one of the best Celtic Knot rings available for purchase online. 

1. Celtic Infinity Knot Design Ring 9ct Yellow Gold – a symbol of an everlasting bond 

This beautiful and dainty Celtic Infinity Knot Design Ring is the perfect symbol of everlasting love.

A little bit chunkier than other items on this list, it could make a great everyday ring for someone in your life. Or, perhaps it could be a reminder of Ireland for someone who has been missing home lately.

Alongside the Celtic Knot, the Spiral has been a symbol of great importance to ancient people. It can famously be found carved into the stone at the Newgrange Neolithic Burial Site and is thought to symbolise the endless nature of the universe.

However, we know so little about the ancient people who created this mysterious structure. So, no one can know for sure.

Although on the higher end of the prices on this list, we had to include this beautiful infinity knot design.

It may be a bit simpler than some of the other designs. Still, the yellow-gold finish really catches the eye, making it a great present for a loved one.

Whether you live and work in Ireland or reside many miles away, a ring is the perfect way to carry your culture and heritage with you. 

For some, having a physical reminder of their homeland can ease homesickness. Thus, helping them feel connected to the loved ones they have left behind.

So, we hope that one of these Celtic Knot rings available for purchase online has taken your fancy, or at least offered some inspiration!

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