Celtic BIRTH TREES and what they symbolise

The Celtic Birth Tree Calendar is the Celtic version of the zodiac. So, forget Aquarius and Cancer for a minute while we find out what your Celtic birth tree is and what it symbolises.

Celtic Birth Trees and what they symbolise.

Trees are huge in Celtic culture. Take the Celtic Tree of Life, for example. It is a huge symbol in Irish culture and heritage about the combined forces of nature creating balance and harmony.

Much like astrology and zodiacs, different dates of the calendar year align with the cycles of the moon, and there are 13 different Celtic birth trees.

So, let’s take a look at these special and unique trees and what they mean and symbolise to you.

13. Birch Tree – 24 December to 20 January

The Birch Tree is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: Flickr / Image Catalog

The first lunar month of the Celtic Tree Calendar is the Birch Tree. This tree holds deep feminine roots, and it’s the symbol of rebirth and fertility.

Not only does this tree hold strong spiritual energy, but it actually holds medicinal properties, too. You can brew the leaves into a tea to treat infections and release excess water from the body.

People under this birth tree are ambitious, driven, cool-headed, and natural-born leaders.

12. Rowan Tree – 21 January to 17 February

People whose birth tree is the Rowan tree are controlled by powerful feminine energy.
Credit: Flickr / m.shattock

Another tree controlled by powerful feminine energy, this small, deciduous tree is praised for its beauty and hardiness.

Given the name ‘Lady of the Mountains’, the Rowan Tree can grow and thrive in the harshest conditions.

The Celts believed that the rowan berries had magical powers and that the tree itself had a positive presence and protective abilities. Those under this lunar moon are influential and aloof, idealist and individualistic, and they often feel misunderstood.

11. Ash Tree – 18 February to 17 March

The Ash Tree is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: geograph.com

The corresponding star sign of Pisces and Aries, the Ash Tree is a huge, relentless tree with roots that deeply penetrate the Earth.

Nicknamed the ‘World Tree’, it has vertical links between otherworldly realms, such as the underworld, middle Earth, and the spiritual world.

Ash signs are compassionate, empathetic, creative, and very in tune with nature. They are independent and don’t care much about what others think of them.

10. Alder Tree – 18 March to 14 April

Alder Trees are part of the Birch family.
Credit: geograph.com

Making up part of the Birch family, the Alder Tree is usually found growing near wetlands, rivers, and streams.

Cutting down Alder Trees was once a punishable act, and if you felled one, it was believed that the fairies that dwelled within would burn your house down for revenge.

Alder signs are forthcoming leaders who work hard and always chase their dreams. They are energetic and have no time for wasting time.

9. Willow Tree – 15 April to 12 May

The Willow Tree is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: Flickr / 35mmMan

The Willow Tree thrives in wet boggy areas and is usually found next to areas of water. It has deep roots in spirituality and psychic ability, with specific links to the lunar realm. This comes from the tree’s love for water.

It is a symbol of fertility and new life and is a strong and flexible tree that can bend into many shapes without showing signs of snapping.

Willow signs have personality traits that include being intuitive, intelligent, and highly creative, although sometimes they might hide it so they don’t appear arrogant.

8. Hawthorn Tree – 13 May to 9 June

The Hawthorn is a tree of contradictions and opposites.
Credit: geograph.com

The Hawthorn is a tree of contradictions and opposites. It has strong links to male energy but is deeply rooted in female deities. This balance between male and female gives the tree the “Marriage Tree” name.

Those born under this sign are not what they seem at first glance. They may appear quite ordinary on the outside, but a bright light of creativity, quick wit, and excellent listening skills are all features within.

7. Oak Tree – 10 June to 7 July

The Oak Tree is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: Flickr / David Burke

When it comes to Celtic birth trees, this is a great one to have. Known as the “Father of the Woods”, Oak Trees are strong and are honoured for their wisdom and nobility.

Those born under this sign have strong connections to history and their ancestry and love to pass on the knowledge they hold to others.

They love being around family and friends and will often live long and happy lives to match their Celtic birth tree.

6. Holly Tree – 8 July to 4 August

The Holly Tree is a symbol of peace and goodwill.
Credit: Flickr / In Memoriam: Steve Burt

The Holly Tree is a symbol of peace and goodwill and is respected for its beauty and grace. While the Oak Tree attracts lightning, Holly repels it. This is why Holly is known to have many protective qualities.

A tree of noble status, those born under this sign are natural-born leaders and often seek careers where they have power.

Things come naturally to this sign, so they can often become complacent and can be seen as arrogant. However, when you get to know them, they are kind and generous.

5. Hazel Tree – 5 August to 1 September

The Hazel Tree is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: Instagram / @woodlands.co.uk

Hazel tree signs have very friendly personalities and can talk to anyone. They are organised and have a great eye for detail.

Having a sharp intellect and being gifted in academia, they have the amazing ability to recall information with surprising accuracy.

People assume they are know-it-alls, but they just like to be well-informed about what’s going on in the world.

4. Vine – 2 September to 29 September

Vine is one of the most sympathetic creatures of the birth trees.
Credit: Flickr / alh1

Some of the most sympathetic creatures out of the Celtic birth trees, they are always able to see both sides of the story. However, this means they are often indecisive and unpredictable.

They will always be there for you when you need them, and they love spending time with the ones they care about. They have a great taste for food and wine and appreciate the finer things in life.

3. Ivy – 30 September to 27 October

Ivy is one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: pixnio.com

Those born under the Ivy sign are survivors, something they get from their Celtic birth tree. Ivy can grow in harsh conditions, and members of this clan get on well with Oak and Ash signs.

They get on well with people from all different walks of life and are some of the most loyal friends you will find.

They are selfless creatures and will often push down feelings instead of what they feel is burdening others with them.

2. Reed – 28 October to 23 November

Reed signs have alluring personalities.
Credit: stockvault.net

Reed signs are very alluring personalities that people tend to be attracted to. Intuitive by nature, they are drawn to professions relating to investigation, such as journalism or police work.

While they can be manipulative when they want to find out the truth, there is never any malice behind their actions, only the hunt for the truth.

1. Elder Tree – 24 November to 23 December

Elder Trees are one of the Celtic Birth Trees.
Credit: Flickr / JR P

The 13th and final moon, it’s a magical tree that symbolises both death and regeneration. This tree is thought to house the spirit of the Elder Mother, who will both harm and protect those around her.

If you use this tree selfishly, you will be treated with bad omens. Use this tree with good intentions, and you will be granted good fortune.

Those born under this tree are thoughtful, empathetic and hold a philosophical mind. They are caring and considerate but will be brutally honest when need be.

FAQs about Celtic birth trees

What is the Tree of Life?

In many different cultures and religions, trees hold huge importance. In Celtic culture,  the Tree of Life represents the link between heaven and Earth.

What is Celtic Tree astrology?

Celtic Tree astrology was developed from the Druid’s knowledge of earth cycles and their profound connection with trees.

What is a druid tree?

The Druids revere the natural world above all else. They worshipped the Oak Tree above the rest.

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