WATCH: The Largest Human Shamrock EVER which Broke the Guinness World Record

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The Guinness World Record for the largest human shamrock achieved by more than 800 Dublin schoolboys in 2013 has been broken.

Elmira residents in New York celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in style this year by smashing the record with an impressive 1,200 people forming an outline of the three-leaf clover in Eldridge Park.

In accordance with strict rules stated in the Guinness World Records official guidelines the crowd, donned with emerald ponchos and numbered wristbands, stood still for 5 minutes while the headcount took place.

With a victory confirmed, pictures of the enormous human shamrock went viral, spreading quickly through social media.

Elmira Downtown Development proudly shared images of the achievement and congratulated everyone who made it possible.

In a statement on Facebook, they wrote, “Thank you, Elmira and friends. Today, we attempted the Guinness World Record for Largest Human Shamrock to happen in the City of Elmira with 1200 people, smashing the previous record of 815 people held in Ireland!

“For this attempt being the first of its kind in Elmira, this world record attempt is an amazing accomplishment.

“Again, we thank all who came out and/or volunteered today. Congratulations!!!”

FB: 4kphotoflight

With the number of volunteers exceeding expectations, the Shamrock could have been made even bigger but the event organisers ran out of ponchos.

They plan to do it again next year with a target of 2,000 people to create a new record and making it a Saint Patrick’s Day tradition thereafter.

The shamrock or ‘seamróg/seamair óg’ in Gaelic (directly translated as ‘young clover’) is recognised globally as the national symbol of Ireland.

It is believed our Patron Saint Patrick used it to explain the holy trinity when he brought Christianity to Ireland.

Watch footage of the amazing event below:

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