Boxing Greats: Ireland’s Five Greatest Fighters Of All-Time

Ireland has a rich history of producing world-class fighters, with many from the Emerald Isle going on to become huge stars in the...

The Five BEST Places to Surf for Beginners in Ireland

Five of the very best beginner places to surf in Ireland. Although small, the island of Ireland actually has some excellent spots to surf. All of...

Irish Stadiums To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Ireland is awash with sporting history with memorable nights under the floodlights involving both their Rugby Union and Soccer teams. Whether it is 15...

The Three Most Popular Sports in Ireland

Sport in Ireland is extremely popular, and it plays a vital role in Irish society. A wide range of sports is played in Ireland...

5 Examples of Ireland Punching Above Its Weight in Sports

Ireland is a small island; an outpost on the edge of Europe staring across the wide Atlantic. But its talented people have always had...

Gaelic Football Vs. Soccer: Which Sport Is Better ?

It's an argument that has split families, driven brother against brother, torn townships and parishes apart. Perhaps it's not surprising, given the history of...

The Five Best Pubs in Limerick to Watch The World Cup

Very few of us will be lucky enough to have the chance to view any of FIFA's twenty-first world cup celebrations live at any...

The Five Best Irish Jockeys In Horse Racing History

Ireland has a fantastic history of producing some of the leading horse racing jockeys in the world in both codes of the sport. Even...

8 Adventure Activities You Need To Try In Ireland

If it is adrenaline you are looking for, Ireland has everything you want. Below is the top eight activities you can do in Ireland. 8. Hiking If...

Is Ireland Failing As a Destination For Sports Tourists?

With its rolling countryside and stunning panoramic views, Ireland is often listed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with...

Top 5 Racecourses To Visit In Ireland In Your Lifetime

Horse racing has a rich history in Ireland as the sport has taken place here for the past couple of decades where some of...

Top Five: Sports and Gaming Venues to visit in Ireland Before...

The Irish are known for many things, be it their ability to spin a good yarn over a pint or two of the black...

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