Casement Park: Why Antrim’s GAA Stadium is Abandoned and What Next?

Just over six years have now passed since the last time Antrim played in an inter-county Championship...

5 Epic Irish Adventures That You Should Try Out this Summer

Summer holds infinite possibilities for Irish adventures. As the darkness fades and days become longer, flowers begin...

10 things you should know before you travel to The Open...

June 2019 sees the return of the prestigious sporting event, The Open Championship. Taking place this year...

Ireland Captain Rory Best Set To Retire After The World Cup

Ireland and Ulster captain Rory Best announced his upcoming retirement from rugby after the 2019 World Cup...

Gaelic Football – What’s Different To Other Sports?

Visiting Ireland is a must for every traveller, but have you ever considered going to watch a...

The Seven Greatest Irish Footballers Of All-Time

For a country that is so obsessed with Gaelic football and hurling, we’ve been quite proficient in producing some of the greatest...

Six Irish Sporting Events This Year You Can’t Miss

Playing and watching sporting events in Ireland has always held a unique place in our social makeup.From...

Boxing Greats: Ireland’s Five Greatest Fighters Of All-Time

Ireland has a rich history of producing world-class fighters, with many from the Emerald Isle going on to become huge stars in the...

The Five BEST Places to Surf for Beginners in Ireland

Five of the very best beginner places to surf in Ireland. Although small, the island of Ireland actually has some excellent spots to surf.All of...

Irish Stadiums To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Ireland is awash with sporting history with memorable nights under the floodlights involving both their Rugby Union and Soccer teams. Whether it is 15...

The Three Most Popular Sports in Ireland

Sport in Ireland is extremely popular, and it plays a vital role in Irish society. A wide range of sports is played in Ireland...

5 Examples of Ireland Punching Above Its Weight in Sports

Ireland is a small island; an outpost on the edge of Europe staring across the wide Atlantic. But its talented people have always had...

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