Boxing Greats: Ireland’s Five Greatest Fighters Of All-Time

Ireland has a rich history of producing world-class fighters, with many from the Emerald Isle going on to become huge stars in the...

IT’S OFFICIAL: The Irish are the happiest people in Europe

It is official everyone, Irish people are the happiest in Europe! Here in Ireland, we have a reputation worldwide for being exceptionally friendly. However, did...

5 Greasy Foods Every Drunk Irish Person Has DEMOLISHED

It’s argued that it’s a mass generalisation to state that the Irish love to drink alcohol. This argument is only supported by recent studies...

MOST POPULAR: What Irish People Eat For Breakfast (REVEALED)

Not Just Fry-Ups: Top 5 Irish Breakfast Choices. What do Irish people eat for breakfast? Well, contrary to what some out-of-towners may think, no we...

Irish passport now ranked in top 10 most powerful in the...

The results are in, and yet again, Ireland is listed to have a passport status that trumps other major countries around the world. We may...

5 Inspiring Irish Women You Need To Know About

Ireland is full of incredible people who are continuously making our little country a better place and making us very proud in the process. These...

10 MASSIVE Celebrities With Irish Roots

For such a small island country, Ireland has surely cross-pollinated the planet. After the Great Irish Famine, which spread like wildfire between 1845 and 1849,...

11 Irish Vegetarian and Vegan Celebrities

With an increase in alternative diets which seek to follow more ethical, sustainable or health-driven practices, we’ve seen a cultural and social shift towards...

10 Places in Ireland That All Irish People LOVE

Ireland is a magical land of mysticism and legend, tall tales and old myth. It’s recognised globally for its enchanting beauty of rolling green...

10 Steps You Must Take to Be A Proper Irish Parent

Becoming a parent is the most wonderfully exhausting experience a person can go through. Add a good dollop of family traditions nobody understands and...

Adopted Irish Woman (81) Finds Mother Alive Aged 103

And whoever said you can’t go home again? Well, it was certainly not this Irish woman, who led a heroic pursuit of her birth...

10 Signs You Were Raised By Irish Parents

Being raised by Irish parents can be a memorable experience. It can leave a lifelong impression and teach you skills you might not ever...

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