101 Phrases All Irish Parents Say To their Children At Least...

Growing up with Irish parents can be a unique experience. It can teach you lots of life...

10 Small Things That Really Annoy Irish People

Irish people are traditionally depicted as a laid-back, quick-witted lot. From the land of saints and scholars,...

10 Reasons Why Dating An Irish Girl Is A GREAT Idea

Ever wondered why dating an Irish girl is a good idea? Well, firstly, known worldwide is Irish...

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Go to an...

Music festivals are a trend that kicked off in Ireland in the 2000s. The primary catalyst for...

10 Things That Happen at Every Irish Wedding

The Irish are known for their undisputed appetite for merriment. Whether you're in a pub or at...

10 Things Irish People Think But Never Say

Irish are friendly people. In fact, we’re considered some of the warmest in the world. In 2018...

10 HILARIOUS Things That Happen on Every Irish Night Out

If you have ever been on a night out in Ireland, you'll know we Irish have a...

10 DEPRESSING Reviews of Ireland’s Most Famous Landmarks

Although Ireland is known to be home to some of the most stunning sights, historical landmarks and most...

The 10 UNWRITTEN RULES of an Irish Pub

It's a funny thing, Irish pub culture; how unwritten rules can somehow be engrained into the knowledge of each pub patron and...
donegal words

10 MAD Donegal Words (And What They Mean in English)

Who knew Donegal words could be so mad? Ireland is a small...

Living in Ireland: The 5 BEST and 5 WORST Things

For those of you who are considering living in Ireland (or equally are thinking about leaving it), it is always best to...

5 Greasy Foods Every Drunk Irish Person Has DEMOLISHED

It’s argued that it’s a mass generalisation to state that the Irish love to drink alcohol. This argument is only supported by recent studies...
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