10 Things Tourists Should NEVER EVER Do in Ireland

Ireland is a small country with a big personality. Its people are characterful and known for their warmth, passion, pride and hospitality. Safe to say,...

5 Absolutely Hilarious Irish Jokes

We Irish are known for being a great laugh. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love to have the craic. As a result,...

Top 10 Irish Comedians of All Time

Ireland is known for its sense of humour worldwide. Dry, sarcastic and full of biting wit is what we’re all about. Colloquially called “banter”...

10 Ways Being Irish Will Help You in Life

Without sounding too arrogant: people love the Irish. It’s a strong hand of cards to hold and often when travelling an Irish person will...

10 Short & Hilarious Irish Jokes Which Will Get the Whole...

The Irish are known for their inherent sense of humour. Colloquially known as “the craic”, Irish humour is dry and sarcastic. It...

10 Reasons Why Dating An Irish Girl Is A GREAT Idea

Ever wondered why dating an Irish girl is a good idea? Well, firstly, known worldwide is Irish...
20 MAD Belfast slang phrases that only make sense to locals

20 mad Belfast slang phrases that only make sense to locals

New to Northern Ireland's capital? Here we've rounded up 20 common Belfast slang phrases and what they mean.
20 MAD Northern Irish phrases that only make sense to locals

20 MAD Northern Irish phrases that only make sense to locals

New to slang in Northern Ireland? Here are 20 Northern Irish phrases and what they mean in plain English.

10 Things Irish People Think But Never Say

Irish are friendly people. In fact, we’re considered some of the warmest in the world. In 2018...

10 Things That Happen at Every Irish Wedding

The Irish are known for their undisputed appetite for merriment. Whether you're in a pub or at...
Top 20 funny Irish sayings

Top 20 funny Irish sayings to get you laughing

Fancy a chuckle? We've rounded up the top 20 funny Irish sayings for your amusement.

What It’s Like to Travel as a Vegetarian in Ireland: 5...

In recent years, alternative diets have become somewhat of a fad in social culture, with healthier, more sustainable and ethical options being taken into...
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