The 12 best Irish beers that everyone should try in Ireland

Sure enough, Ireland is world-famous for its beer, so here are the twelve best Irish beers that everyone should try in Ireland.

The 10 best traditional pubs in Dublin, ranked

Our rundown of the ten best traditional pubs in Dublin, ranked in order of greatness.

Top 10 social taboos of Ireland

Every country has its own list of topics they would rather not talk about, and Ireland is no exception. Here are our...

This chocolate Guinness cake recipe may be the best dessert ever

Just when we thought Guinness couldn’t be any more delicious—we discovered this chocolate Guinness cake.

5 delicious recipes that use Guinness as an ingredient

Sure, Guinness is good to drink, but did you know Guinness is also good to cook with? Check out these five amazing...

5 Irish stouts that could be better than Guinness

Looking for a stout that could be better than Guinness? You’ve come to the right place.

German supermarket Lidl reveals plans to open a pub in County Down

The last frontier of Irish culture is being explored by the German supermarket giant Lidl, who plan to open a pub in...

Where to get your Guinness fix in Ireland: 5 amazing spots

Is there anything tastier than a perfectly pulled and poured pint of the black stuff in Ireland? Many great pubs throughout the...

The day after St. Patrick’s Day: the 10 worst places to be hungover

Being hungover anywhere isn’t fun, but these are the absolute worst places to be hungover, especially after St. Patrick’s Day.

Two Irish bars ranked amongst the top 25 cocktail bars in Europe

Two Dublin cocktail bars are ranked amongst the best cocktail bars in Europe according to a leading travel site.

Top 10 places you’re guaranteed to get the shift in Dublin

You’re guaranteed to get the shift in one of these places, that’s for sure!

Top 10 dog-friendly bars and pubs in Ireland

We’ve compiled the 10 best dog-friendly bars in Ireland so that you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.

5 Guinness cocktails you need to try

For Guinness with a twist, here we reveal five tried and tested Guinness cocktails and how to make them.

5 pubs in Ireland that hold epic records

Ireland’s waterholes are famous around the world—but did you know that some of them are actual record holders too? Here are five...

32 Irish beers: one to try in each county of Ireland

The Irish are known for their breweries and hand-crafted beer, with Guinness being the king, but there are plenty of other amazing...
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