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Top 10 dog-friendly bars and pubs in Ireland

We’ve compiled the 10 best dog-friendly bars in Ireland so that you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home.

5 Guinness cocktails you need to try

For Guinness with a twist, here we reveal five tried and tested Guinness cocktails and how to make them.

5 pubs in Ireland that hold epic records

Ireland’s waterholes are famous around the world—but did you know that some of them are actual record holders too? Here are five...

32 Irish beers: one to try in each county of Ireland

The Irish are known for their breweries and hand-crafted beer, with Guinness being the king, but there are plenty of other amazing...

7 Belfast bars and pubs with the quirkiest names

We love a creative pub name, and Belfast has no shortage. Here are seven Belfast bars and pubs with quirky names that...

Top 10 pubs and bars outside Belfast City Centre

Here’s our list of the top 10 pubs and bars outside Belfast city centre where you need to stop for a pint.

Top 10 old and authentic bars in Belfast

Delve into Belfast’s rich cultural heritage and enjoy a cold one at the same time.

You can rent an inflatable Irish pub—and it’s AMAZING

People around the world love Irish pubs so much that they’ll rent inflatable ones. Boston-based adult inflatables company PaddyWagon is allowing customers...

The 5 best pubs in Cobh

Looking to have a few pints in a beautiful Irish town? Here are our five favourite pubs in Cobh, the historic last...

Guinness Storehouse named Ireland’s top visitor attraction of 2019

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin has just been named Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction of the past year!

20 Irish slang words and phrases that describe being drunk

Heading to the pub? You might want to know these 20 hilarious Irish slang words and phrases that describe being drunk.

10 hilariously depressing reviews of famous Irish pubs

Ireland is known for its pubs, and many people take to Google to express their opinions of them. Here are 10 hilariously...

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