5 Irish Ghost Stories That’ll Scare The $#!T Out Of You

Ireland is a land of tall tales and a lot of talk. Whether what you hear is true or false, one thing you can...

TOP 10 famous people buried in Dublin’s Glasnevin Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery, officially known as Prospect Cemetery, is the largest non-denominational cemetery in Ireland with an estimated 1.5 million burials. It first opened in...

3 Amazing Spiritual Experiences in Ireland

Ireland is perhaps one of the most spiritual places to visit for those who err on loving mysticism. Beautiful Ireland has tracked its sacred...

10 Developments Which Could Make Belfast The Best City In Ireland

Belfast is a city the rise. Among all the cultural and political changes to this great city, major redevelops are proposed which will propel...

Here are the 10 most common Irish surnames in the world

Is your surname on this list? The island of Ireland has over 6 million people across the 32 counties. However, the number of people living across...

Strangest and furthest places on Earth to find an Irish pub

Irish pubs can be found all over the world in some strange places. Here is our pick of the strangest and furthest places to...

Ten Reasons Everyone NEEDS To Visit Galway

Truth be told, Galway City is a jewel in Ireland’s crown which many of us have been trying to keep a secret all to...

Top 10 Amazing Thatched Roof Pubs In Ireland

The public house or pub is synonymous in Ireland as a social space and identity marker. Another structure associated with Irish identity is the...

Gaelic Football Vs. Soccer: Which Sport Is Better ?

It's an argument that has split families, driven brother against brother, torn townships and parishes apart. Perhaps it's not surprising, given the history of...

UK vs. Ireland: Which is Better?

Picking one country as being better than another is always a subjective decision. Obviously, one's personal and emotive feelings will play a large part...

TOP 10: Places to see in Co. Antrim!

County Antrim is undoubtedly one of Ireland's most beautiful and interesting counties. There is so much to see and do in this little county....

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Dundalk

Dundalk is situated on the Castletown River which flows through the town. Dundalk as Gaeilge Dún Dealgan which means 'Dalgan's stronghold'. Dundalk is in...

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