Top 100 Irish Surnames & Last Names (Family Names Ranked)

The 100 Most Common Irish Family Names Ranked In Order. When you read an Irish last name (or surname) such as O'Neill, Kennedy or Gallagher,...

Irish Slang: Top 80 most used expressions

Arriving in Ireland, you may be forgiven for thinking you have been hoodwinked, cajoled, led up the garden path or just plain misinformed as...

20 MAD Irish Phrases Which Make No Sense To English Speakers

20 Slang Phrases in Ireland which make no logical sense but are widely understood on the Emerald Isle. Like most countries, Ireland has its very...

The Irish Bucket List: 25 best things to do in Ireland...

A Bucket List is a number of things written down to do before you die, which comes from the term "kicked the bucket". We have compiled a...

The Top Ten Irish Movies of All Time

What is it that makes a movie great rather than just watchable? What makes a movie stay in your memory and you watch it...

The Northern Ireland Bucket List: 26 things to do before you...

Going to Ireland is not complete without a trip up north to Northern Ireland. This place is magical and there is tons of amazing things...

Top 20 HOTTEST Irish Girl Names Right Now

Irish girls name often derive from the Irish language or Gaelic, giving them a great sense of place, tying them to their culture and...

10 Reasons Dating An Irish Person Is A GREAT IDEA

Dating an Irish person is a great idea. It’s hard to miss the Irish – they seem to be everywhere! Descendants of the Irish and...

How And Where To See The Northern Lights In Ireland

It’s on everyone’s bucket list. The northern lights are a phenomenon that many are aware of, but not many know that you can see...

TOP 15 Bizzare Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland

Ireland is a small, island country located in Northwestern Europe. The endless, rolling hills contain fifty shades of green and countless sheep. There are...

10 BAFFLING Cork Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

10 Slang Phrases in Cork which make no logical sense but are widely understood in the Rebel County, Cork. Corkonians have a very unique way...

The Ten Most Scenic Places to have a Coffee in Ireland

Returning by popular demand, we have decided to bring to the 10 most scenic coffees in Ireland. These places are absolutely breathtaking. From dizzying...

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