5 Differences Between Cork People and Dublin People

Cork and Dublin have spent years racing head to head to be crowned the best city in Ireland. Most Irish folk will prefer one...

10 BAFFLING Wexford Slang Phrases Explained to English Speakers

10 Slang phrases which make no logical sense except to those born and bred in the Model County, also known as Wexford.Wexford is a...

Top 10 Ways Being Irish Will Help You in Life

Without sounding too arrogant: people love the Irish. It’s a strong hand of cards to hold and often when travelling an Irish person will...

Top 10 Irish Comedians of All Time

Ireland is known for its sense of humour worldwide. Dry, sarcastic and full of biting wit is what we’re all about. Colloquially called “banter”...

10 BAFFLING Kilkenny Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

Located in the south-west of the country, Kilkenny is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Leinster.Popular sites include Kilkenny...

10 Reasons why Ireland is the Best Country in Europe

You could argue that Ireland is the best place in the world and we wouldn't challenge you, but to keep things a little bit...

5 Amazing Things You Could Do For The Price of a...

With the silly season now behind us, 2019 calls for action. New Year resolutions seem to be the talk of the town and whilst...

10 Ways Living in Ireland Beats Britain

With Ireland and the UK sitting side by side, separated only by a short stretch of water, one is likely to consider which is...

20 Travel Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Ireland

20 Ireland Travel Tips – Here's all you need to know! If planning a trip to the Emerald Isle there are some things you should...

10 BAFFLING Dublin Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

10 Dublin Slang Phrases which make no logical sense but are widely understood by Dubliners. As with most big cities, Dublin has, over generations, developed...

10 Baffling Limerick Slang Phrases Explained To English Speakers

10 Limerick Slang Phrases which make no logical sense but are widely understood by Shannonsiders. All cities and regions have their accents and idioms. Slang...

10 Reasons Dating An Irish Person Is A GREAT IDEA

Dating an Irish person is a great idea. It’s hard to miss the Irish – they seem to be everywhere! Descendants of the Irish and...

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