Man Served Pint Of Guinness With Picture Of Queen Elizabeth II...

A lot of people aren't happy with the Queen of England's face being on Ireland's favourite drink.

Monaghan lads travel to stag party by tractor (WATCH)

The Irish are infamous for their stag parties. Irish humour combined with a group of lads all...

The 5 BEST Pubs in Dingle, According To Locals

Have you experienced the pubs in Dingle?Dingle is a vibrant seaside town sticking out from the Dingle...

10 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Dublin

How many facts about Dublin do you know?Dublin is a unique city. As the capital of Ireland,...

5 Greasy Foods Every Drunk Irish Person Has DEMOLISHED

It’s argued that it’s a mass generalisation to state that the Irish love to drink alcohol. This argument is only supported by recent studies...

The Top 10 MOST TASTY Tayto Crisps (RANKED)

Tayto is a name almost synonymous with the Irish culture. As Ireland’s leading crisp company, Tayto boasts the same prestige as Barry’s Tea, Kerrygold...

10 Steps You Must Take to Be A Proper Irish Parent

Becoming a parent is the most wonderfully exhausting experience a person can go through. Add a good dollop of family traditions nobody understands and...

10 Signs You Were Raised By Irish Parents

Being raised by Irish parents can be a memorable experience. It can leave a lifelong impression and teach you skills you might not ever...

5 Differences Between Cork People and Dublin People

Cork and Dublin have spent years racing head to head to be crowned the best city in Ireland. Most Irish folk will prefer one...

10 BAFFLING Wexford Slang Phrases Explained to English Speakers

10 Slang phrases which make no logical sense except to those born and bred in the Model County, also known as Wexford.Wexford is a...

10 Ways Being Irish Will Help You in Life

Without sounding too arrogant: people love the Irish. It’s a strong hand of cards to hold and often when travelling an Irish person will...

Top 10 Irish Comedians of All Time

Ireland is known for its sense of humour worldwide. Dry, sarcastic and full of biting wit is what we’re all about. Colloquially called “banter”...

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