10 Irish customs you should know before visiting Ireland

All countries have customs but Ireland has quite the number, many of which you should know before visiting.

Top 5 Derry Girls characters, ranked

If you haven’t been watching the hit Northern Irish comedy Derry Girls, then you'd want to catch yourself on! Here we rank...

32 funniest slang words from all counties of Ireland

Us Irish are known for our slang so it's no surprise that every county has their own jargon. Here are the funniest...

20 Irish slang phrases you need to know before visiting Ireland

These top 20 slang phrases are uniform across the country and well-worth knowing if you’re planning a trip to Ireland.

10 hilarious reviews of famous places in Ireland

Here are 10 of the funniest one-star Google reviews of famous places in Ireland for your amusement.

Top 10 maddest dog names you’ll hear in Ireland

Visit any park in Ireland and listen out for some of the silliest and most ridiculous dog names being called. Here are...

Top 5 worst Christmas gifts you can give an Irish person

Need a gift for that special Irish someone this Christmas? Here are five things not to give them.

Top 10 worst Irish accents in movies

The Irish accent is a tough one to imitate, and many non-Irish actors have attempted it with cringe-worthy results. Here are the...
6 situations that only happen when driving in Ireland

6 driving situations that only happen in Ireland

From sheep traffic jams to Irish-style directions, here are six situations you’ll encounter when driving in Ireland.

10 phrases you always hear at Christmastime in Ireland

Some of the best Irish phrases can be heard around Christmastime in Ireland. Here are the top 10.

10 non-Irish actors who have done a perfect Irish accent

Many famous non-Irish actors, from Julia Roberts to Tom Cruise, have attempted a perfect Irish accent. Here are 10 who we think...

10 Irish Christmas traditions the rest of the world is REALLY...

Like every historically Christian nation, Ireland adds it’s own nuances to the Christmas season.
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