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Articles relating to this beautiful county of Ireland.

An Irish Castle is Available For Rent On Airbnb – And...

Ever wanted to find yourself in fantasy land? Well, now maybe your time has come! This majestic Irish castle...

10 Creepy Sites in Ireland That Will FREAK You Out

In the country that began the tradition of Halloween, it’s no surprise that there’s such a bounty of terrifying areas with histories of spectral...

5 Traditional Irish Pubs in Wexford You Need To Experience

Wexford, located at the heart of the Sunny South East, is dotted with some of the best watering holes in our country....

5 Day trip ideas in Wexford that locals swear by

County Wexford is one of Ireland’s favourite holiday destinations. Its location in the Sunny South East, where it gets more hours of...

10 BAFFLING Wexford Slang Phrases Explained to English Speakers

10 Slang phrases which make no logical sense except to those born and bred in the Model County, also known as Wexford.Wexford is a...

The Five Best Beaches in County Wexford

They don’t call it the Sunny South East for nothing. Wexford receives more hours of sunlight per day than any other county in Ireland,...

The 10 Most STUNNING & UNIQUE Lighthouses In Ireland

Ireland’s coastline is dotted with dozens of lighthouses which have helped seafarers find their way for hundreds of years.As well as keeping the Irish...

5 UNFORGETTABLE Things to See & Do in Wexford

Wexford is one of our many counties steeped in history and an enchanting past. Whether you're an Irish native, a first-time visitor, or a...

Top 5 Ancient & Historical Sites in County Wexford

Wexford, the Cornerstone of Ireland's Ancient East, is located on the sunny south-east coast of Ireland. A place with deep Viking roots, Wexford has...

Three Places to Spot Beautiful Birds in Ireland 

Want to see the great and glorious Golden Eagle in its natural habitat? Ireland is rich with wildlife and birds, there are over 450 different...

10 Pubs & Bars In Wexford You Need To Visit Before...

Many people might say that it would be considered a sin to pass through Wexford town and not stop in one of the local...

10 Epic Things You MUST DO in Wexford before you die

For those of you that don’t know, Wexford is situated on the south-east coast of Ireland. The most exciting way to visit the best...

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