Top 5 Places for a First Date In Limerick

Dating can be a whirlwind of confusion. Will the person think I’m coming on too strong if I suggest we go for dinner?… Is...

5 Cocktail Bars In Limerick You Need To Visit Before You...

Limerick is one of the hottest spots in Ireland for a night out, with an eclectic mix of cosy bars and student-friendly nightclubs. Cocktail...

Five Amazing Non-Touristy Places You Need To See In Limerick

Planning a trip to Limerick and want to experience the real Limerick without any tourists? We've got you covered. Local expert Ger Leddin highlights...

The 5 Best Pizzas In Limerick

As we all know, pizza originates in Italy but over the years it has become a staple part of Ireland's diet. I mean, are...

The 5 Best Breakfasts In Limerick

Limerick City has long been known for its connections to the pork industry, with the butcher trade even inspiring parts of Limerick playwright Mike...

5 Great Things To Do In Limerick When It Lashes With...

Though it was once held back by an outdated bad reputation, Limerick city is now a buzzing hive of activity and is fast becoming...

The Five Best Student Nights in Limerick City

Situated in the mid-west of Ireland, Limerick city is the location of not one, but many institutes of education: The University of Limerick, Limerick...

Five Bizarre Things You May Not Know About Limerick

Limerick is known for being a Lady, as the song by Limerick man Dennis Allen proudly proclaims. It is also known as Stab-City much...

The Five Best Pubs in Limerick to Watch The World Cup

Very few of us will be lucky enough to have the chance to view any of FIFA's twenty-first world cup celebrations live at any...

Top 10 Vegan Cafes In Ireland (Outside of Dublin)

Veganism is on the rise here in the Emerald Isle and Dublin has certainly caught on to the foodie trend, with a generous scattering...

Ranked: 10 Best Counties In Ireland For THE SESH

Ireland is known for its craic, its amazing pub culture and the love of the drink. But which parts of Ireland have the best...

The Best Twelve Pubs of Christmas Route in Limerick City

A friend of mine once remarked. "The problem with Christmas is, it brings out all the amateur drinkers." He had a valid point. In...

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