Can you get pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland? All you need to know!

CBD oil has been the subject of much debate in mainstream media; curious to learn more? Here are the answers to all of your key questions, including where you get pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland.

In recent years, the topic of cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been thrown into the spotlight, garnering much attention from media outlets across the globe.

Although the public, health advisors, doctors, and influencers have praised its presence, CBD oil remains shrouded in a debate of legality on the Emerald Isle.

That being said, its sale is legal, and its health benefits are undeniable. Do you care to learn more? Here is all you need to know, including where you can find pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland.


CBD oil was first discovered in 1940 by a British chemist named Robert S. Cahn. Two years later, following on from this, an American chemist called Roger Adams first successfully isolated CBD.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 113 identified cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant and makes up 40% of its composition.

Adams also discovered tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – another well-known and illicit compound found in the cannabis plant. These two are often confused, although it must be remembered that while THC produces a high, CBD does not.

What is pure CBD oil?


The difference between pure CBD oil and raw CBD oil comes down to the extraction method used in its production.

Pure CBD oil is made by extracting oil only from the hemp buds, as opposed to raw CBD oil, which uses the entire plant.

The result of this process is a more mellow, nut-like taste, that is often considered more palatable than raw CBD oil (which has a sharper, more bitter flavour).

Taste profiles aside, pure CBD oil is made using a more laborsome method, as it only uses the buds. This results in products which are generally more expensive than that of the raw process.

A significant advantage of pure CBD oil, however, is that it is free of THC, making it completely safe and legal to use in Ireland.

Health benefits and uses

Since its discovery, CBD oil has been the subject of much scientific testing worldwide.

Today, it is largely accepted that CBD oil is proven to aid the symptoms of many debilitating diseases and illnesses. These can range from anxiety and depression to heart disease and arthritis, and even epilepsy and cancer.

CBD oil can be taken in a variety of ways, including capsule form, liquid, and as a food supplement, making it an easy addition to daily routines.

As of 2017, CBD oil is available on prescription to people who have multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and those undergoing chemotherapy.

Also, CBD oil can be sold online and in-store in Ireland as long as its THC levels are lower than 0.02%.

This is another reason why you can easily find pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland in many places, as it contains no THC and therefore is entirely legal and readily available without a prescription.

If you’re keen to discover where you can get pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland, read on to see our top recommendations!

Where to buy CBD oil in Ireland

You can find CBD oil in a variety of stores, outlets, pharmacies, and online. If you’re keen to explore the endless health benefits this medicinal marvel bears, look no further than these top three Irish businesses.

1. Dr. Hemp Me – the CBD specialists

If you’re looking to find pure CBD oil for sale in Ireland, Dr. Hemp Me is your go-to without a doubt.

It deals exclusively with high strength CBD oil only, and its delivery options make it an obvious choice.

To top it off, it has a live customer service chat. So, if you’re unsure what product is best suited to your needs, an expert is on hand to advise.

Not to mention it is an Irish-owned brand that was born and bred in Dublin!

More info: HERE

2. Holland & Barrett – Ireland’s leading health & wellbeing store

For those of you who are keen to learn more about CBD oil in a familiar setting, we suggest you visit your local Holland & Barrett.

This is Ireland’s leading health and wellbeing store with locations stretching across the Emerald Isle.

Offering an impressive catalogue of CBD products this is the perfect place to find your feet with all there is available.

More info: HERE

3. The Hemp Company – the family-owned hemp shop

The Hemp Company is a family-owned hemp shop that specialises in CBD and hemp products.

Founded in 1999, The Hemp Company has grown to become one of Ireland’s most trusted providers of hemp and CBD products.

And they offer a fantastic in-store experience with knowledgeable staff.

More info: HERE

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