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We at Ireland Before You Die believe in supporting Irish businesses in the tourism industry, and helping companies to grow. 

If you are looking to showcase your business or reach a new audience, you have come to the right place.

With over 1 million readers per month, Ireland Before You Die is the world’s leading Irish travel platform. 

Our expert team is on-hand to help design content catered to your business. 

We strive to tell your story to our readers and celebrate your business with our followers, connecting you with your target market in a meaningful and effective way.

What We Offer

Each month, over 1 million people visit Ireland Before You Die, exploring new and exciting travel content. 

From hotel reviews to restaurant opinions pieces, our audience is proactive – they are travellers with a hunger for new experiences.

We can help elevate your business by sharing your unique story with our audience of over 1 million people per month. 


1. Dedicated Landing Page

Working closely with your business, our team of travel specialists can produce and feature a dedicated landing page on Ireland Before You Die.

This will tell the story of your business and offer a streamlined booking experience, directly from the Ireland Before You Die website.

2. Review Your Hotel / Business

We believe in honest and authentic content. That’s why our travel writers are invited to hotels and businesses around the country for firsthand experiences. 

Honest, real-life reviews help inform our audience when making their travel plans. This leads to more organic brand growth from those who value businesses for their transparency. 

We can also host competitions and giveaways, so users can also be in for a chance to experience your business or product themselves.

3. Sponsor a High Traffic Article

If you are determined to see an increase in site traffic, we suggest sponsoring a high traffic article.

For example, “Dublin Bucket List: the 25 best things to do in Dublin, Ireland” generates thousands of views per month. 

This means if you’re a Dublin hotel, sponsorship of this article is a sure-fire way to garner attention from potential customers.

Should you sponsor a high traffic article, we will ensure that the article is followed by a paragraph about your business (marked as sponsored). We will also provide a click-through link to your booking page or dedicated landing page. 

4. Blog Content

Our team of travel writers are on hand to help you design on-brand, SEO-optimised content for your business blog. All your business need is to provide images to accompany the text. 

Delivered with sales growth and brand awareness in mind, the SEO-driven content aims to encourage new customers and bookings with your business.

5. Press trips 

Our team of critics are always looking to review new activities and experiences.

Invite us on a press trip to write about your service or destination, and we look forward to sharing the story with our readers.

6. Advert on Newsletter 

Our newsletter reaches 1,000+ subscribers. Collaborate with us and have your business seen by over a thousand followers per month. 

Offering featured placement and click-through links, newsletter advertisements help grow your following and increase brand awareness. 

Who We’ve Worked With

Our Values

1. Curiosity – we’re naturally curious, we can’t help it

2. Passion – we’re genuinely passionate about Ireland, travel and culture

3. Positivity – we’re positive, laid-back people

4. Consistency – our passion is proved through our communication and consistency

5. Honesty – we can be held accountable for our work

6. Supporting Sustainability – we proudly promote responsible tourism in Ireland

Benefits of Working With Us

1. Access new audience

2. Attract new customers

3. Grow brand awareness

4. Target active travellers

5. Increase sales

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