Bus Eireann resumes Dublin to London route from today

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Bus Eireann are bringing back their Expressway Eurolines services to London and Birmingham from today.

From today, 7 July 2022, the coach and Irish Ferries service will resume. The service carried 15,000 passengers across the Irish Sea each week before the route was suspended.

This means that from today, you can travel from Dublin to London with prices starting at €39. The return of this service comes at a time when passengers at airports have been facing long queues, delays, missed flights and more.

Bus Eireann resumes Dublin to London route from today − just €39 one-way

Bus Eireann resumes Dublin to London route from today.
Credit: commonswikimedia.org

The coach and Irish Ferries service from Dublin to London and Birmingham restarts today, with prices starting at €39 one-way and €70 return.

It will run twice a week on Thursdays on Saturdays. Customers of this service will check in from 7:15 pm at Busaras Bus Station in Dublin and arrive at Victoria Coach station the following morning at 8 am.

Passengers can bring one suitcase for free, with additional charges for any added luggage. However, Bus Eireann promises “generous baggage allowances” for those “who need to travel with several bags”.

This includes people moving to and from college or carrying bulky music or sporting equipment.

An inclusive service – for those unable to fly for many reasons

Irish Ferries and Bus Eireann will provide the service together.
Credit: Flickr / Olivier Mabelly

As Bus Eireann resumes the Dublin to London route, this is a great opportunity for those unable or unwilling to fly as means of travel.

Head of Expressway for Bus Eireann Andrew Yates said, “We’re especially pleased to reinstate the service for those passengers who we know rely exclusively on Expressway Eurolines for travel between Ireland and the UK.”

He continued, “For people who are unable to or don’t want to fly, whether for environmental, financial, medical or other reasons, these services provide an essential alternative, travelling on our top-end new coaches with extra comfortable seating.”

Economic impact – reducing carbon footprint

Bus Eireann resumes Dublin to London route from today along with a great economic impact.
Credit: Facebook / Darren Goodson

Anyone who has travelled through Dublin Airport recently might have experienced the long queues, delays, and missed flights that have been plaguing passengers.

Andrew Yates of Expressway said, “With fares from just €39 one way or €70 return, passengers can travel direct to the heart of London and Birmingham, without the hassle of getting to the airport or long security queues.”

He continued by outlining the economic and environmental impact of taking the bus and ferry route instead of flying as a more sustainable way of travel. It will also reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption as a whole.

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