Bunsen burger ranked as 7th best in Europe

“Nothing beats a good burger,” says Big 7 Travel. According to their website, Dublin’s Bunsen ranks highly among Europe’s top fifty burgers.

Bunsen, a Dublin burger chain, has beaten off stiff competition amongst the best of Europe’s burger chains to rank amongst the top ten of an esteemed list of 50 competitors.

Bunsen, which has some of the best student-friendly deals in Dublin, is one of Ireland’s prime burger joints with chains in Dublin, Cork, and Belfast, finished strong in seventh place, the Emerald Isle’s highest ranking on the list.

Who is Big 7 Travel?

Big 7 Travel was the website that awarded Bunsen and its burger the 7th best burger in Europe.
Credit: @burgerandbeyond / Instagram

Big 7 Travel pits itself as an alternative travel website to the giants of TripAdvisor and Google Reviews, stating it “provides current, curated recommendations you can trust”, and goes about its job “expertly.”

The website states it provides inspirational bucket-list destinations and helps millions to “discover their world” by having their “finger on the pulse for all the latest travel trends”. The website operates globally rather than on a national or continental basis.

The competition

The competition was stiff, especially with fifty competitors but Bunsen's burger beat out many to become one of the best in Europe.
Credit: burger-meister.de

Big 7 Travel prepared the list for aspiring travellers of the European continent, and they provide the perfect choices for those burger-lovers in need of a feast during their adventure.

The website asked their audience for suggestions on the matter and took contributions from Big 7 Travel’s editorial team. The result, they say, is “one impressive list of the best burgers all over the continent”.

The burgers considered range from all over Europe, from east to west and north to south. The list has you covered from Bratislava, Slovakia to Rome, Italy.  

The rankings

Patty and Bun is another burger chain that made the list along with Bunsen for finding the burger that is the best in Europe.
Credit: pattyandbun.co.uk

Kicking off the top ten was The Beef Chief of Amsterdam, Burgermeister in Berlin at ninth place, and another spot for the Dutch capital with Burger Bar in at eighth.

Ahead of Ireland’s best was Barrels Burgers & Beer, a chain in Stockholm, the Bamba Marha Burger Bar of Budapest in fifth, Patty and Bun in London at fourth, and DISH in Prague at third.

In second place was Gasoline Grill from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Big 7 Travel’s premier burger can be purchased at Burger and Beyond, in the English capital of London.


Bunsen burger has proudly claimed one of the best burgers in the whole of Europe and it's no surprise why.
Credit: bunsen.ie

Big 7 Travel revealed that locals “are obsessed with this chain, and it’s not hard to see why. Bunsen make their own buns, grind the beef, and keep things remarkably simple with a small menu. The shakes are an added bonus”.

Bunsen wasn’t the only Irish burger to make the list. Wow Burger, based in the capital city of Dublin, ranked an excellent 38th spot on the list, noted as the “perfect burger for either the start of a night out or on the way home from the bar”.

Recent Ireland Before You Die review

You have to try Bunsen if you find yourself in Belfast, Cork, or Dublin, their burgers are delicious.
Credit: @bunsenburgers / Instagram

We here at Ireland Before You Die, recently conducted our own review into Bunsen’s Belfast chain, and it is fair to say we see eye to eye with Big 7 Travel on the issue. Bunsen provided “a toothsome meal that left all of us seriously impressed”.

The next time you visit the Emerald Isle and happen to stop by Cork, Dublin, or Belfast, make sure to visit the famous Bunsen to grab a burger, one of the best in Europe in fact, and see for yourself why people across the continent rate the chain so highly.

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