Bruce SPRINGSTEEN in Ireland: every live SHOW listed in order

The Boss has hit Irish soil over 30 times and is back for more this summer. We’ve listed every show in order: do you remember Bruce Springsteen in Ireland?

Bruce Springsteen in Ireland: every live show listed in order.

At the time of writing, Bruce Springsteen – the Boss – has played over 30 concerts in Ireland, from 1985 up to the present day. More shows are in the pipeline for 2024, and hopefully even more in years to come.

Springsteen has hit all of Ireland’s top cities and venues, playing some of the most memorable live performances on Irish soil. Looking at our list of Bruce Springsteen in Ireland, were you lucky enough to make it to any of his concerts?

Background to Bruce Springsteen in Ireland – breakdown of his shows

Bruce Springsteen performing on stage.
Credit: Stian Schløsser Møller, Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

Dublin has had the lion’s share of Bruce Springsteen’s shows in Ireland. The capital has played host to the New Jersey native 26 times in total.

Cork, Kilkenny, and Belfast have all welcomed him on several occasions, while he has performed once before in Limerick during his time on the Emerald Isle.

It is estimated he has played over 670 songs in Ireland during his concerts, comprising performances of 202 different songs. The RDS Arena has welcomed him 14 times, the most of any venue.

In order, here are all the concerts Bruce Springsteen has played on the Emerald Isle:

  1. Slane Castle, County Meath (1 June 1985)
  2. RDS Arena, Dublin (7 July 1988)
  3. The National Stadium, Dublin (19 May 1993)
  4. RDS Arena, Dublin (20 May 1993)
  5. The Mean Fiddler, Dublin (17 March 1996)
  6. King’s Hall, Belfast (19 March 1996)
  7. The Point, Dublin (20 March 1996)
  8. RDS Arena, Dublin (25 May 1999)
  9. RDS Arena, Dublin (31 May 2003)
  10. The Point, Dublin (24 May 2005)
  11. The Point, Dublin (5 May 2006)
  12. The Point, Dublin (17 November 2006)
  13. The Point, Dublin (18 November 2006)
  14. The Point, Dublin (19 November 2006)
  15. The Odyssey, Belfast (21 November 2006)
  16. The Odyssey, Belfast (15 December 2007)
  17. RDS Arena, Dublin (22 May 2008)
  18. RDS Arena, Dublin (23 May 2008)
  19. RDS Arena, Dublin (25 May 2008)
  20. RDS Arena, Dublin (11 July 2009)
  21. RDS Arena, Dublin (12 July 2009)
  22. RDS Arena, Dublin (17 July 2012)
  23. RDS Arena, Dublin (18 July 2012)
  24. Thomond Park, Limerick (16 July 2013)
  25. Paric Ui Chaoimh, Cork (18 July 2013)
  26. Kings Hall, Belfast (20 July 2013)
  27. Nowlan Park, Kilkenny (27 July 2013)
  28. Nowland Park, Kilkenny (28 July 2013)
  29. Croke Park, Dublin (27 May 2016)
  30. Croke Park, Dublin (29 May 2016)
  31. RDS Arena, Dublin (5 May 2023)
  32. RDS Arena, Dublin (7 May 2023)
  33. RDS Arena, Dublin (9 May 2023)

Bruce Springsteen’s Irish roots – the Boss and his connections to the Emerald Isle

Bruce Springsteen with staff and customers in Leo Burdock's fish and chips in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook/ Leo Burdock

Bruce Springsteen in Ireland isn’t just about concerts. The Boss has roots in Ireland. His great-great-great grandparents left Rathangan in County Kildare for New Jersey back in 1853.

His great-great-great grandfather was actually imprisoned under the Insurrection Act back in 1823 for opposing excessive tithes, rent payments, and evictions.

Bruce’s grandmother settled in Freehold, New Jersey, where the Boss was born on 23 September 1949. Springsteen’s Catholic upbringing influenced a lot of his music, and this is something he speaks about openly.

When he played in Ireland last year, Springsteen visited Rathangan to explore his Irish heritage and lineage.

Upcoming Bruce Springsteen shows in Ireland – what to expect from the Boss

A poster for the E Street Band in Dublin in 2012, one of performances by Bruce Springsteen in Ireland.
Credit: Flickr/ William Murphy, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Bruce Springsteen will be adding to his long list of Irish shows with a tour of the country in just a couple of months’ time. First, Bruce and his E-Street Band visit the Boucher Playing Fields in Belfast on 9 May. This will be his first show in the city since 2013.

Next, he travels down to Kilkenny for a performance on 12 May, making a return to Nowlan Park. Then, on 16 May, Springsteen will play the newly refurbished Pairc Ui Chaoimh in Cork for the first time since its redevelopment.

The main event, and the last Bruce Springsteen in Ireland show of the tour, will be on 19 May at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland’s iconic GAA stadium with a capacity of over 80,000 people.

You can purchase tickets here.

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