Brave ‘beer bike’ group filmed pedalling through Storm Dennis in Dublin

These riders were witnessed hilariously pedalling through the fury of Storm Dennis last week.

The Irish are known for enduring some pretty rubbish weather, but this group of drinkers didn’t seem to care as they pedalled through Storm Dennis to reach the next pub.

The group were seen pedalling rapidly through the blustery Irish capital as amused passersby looked on.

The group were pedalling on an open-sided bus with Dublin Pedal Tours

Dublin Pedal Tours provide a mobile bar on an open-sided bus powered by pedalling riders. This particular group were caught in Storm Dennis, the most recent rainstorm to afflict the Emerald Isle.

The group was spotted by Canadian tourist Bill Stenner enjoying their beverages while the grim weather battered them on the main roads of Dublin City Centre.

“It looked like they were doing their best to finish the tour as soon as possible and get to the nearest pub,” noted one onlooker.

“Pedal faster,” advised another, as the party-goers battled the torrential rain.

Storm Dennis brought winds of up to 60mph and 100mms of rain in some areas

Storm Dennis really made a mark on the country, causing flooding and damage as well as wet weather.

The blustery weather of Storm Dennis had brought winds of up to 60mph and lashing rain across the capital city, but this did not deter the group, who, despite weather forecasts, were insistent on enjoying their drinks and getting to the next bar on their pub crawl.

The Dublin Pedal Tours website noted that riders on their buses are all provided with ‘ponchos for what rain the roof doesn’t keep away’.

In this case, the roof didn’t manage to stop a great deal of the wet conditions as the group were caught on camera drenched in the storm.

But the group were determined that mad weather wouldn’t stop them

Storm Dennis caused an especially wet weekend in February all across Ireland.

Come rain or shine, this group of drinkers were not going to let the cold Irish weather ruin their fun bar crawl.

The footage was posted on Twitter where one commenter joked: “That’s their morning-after transport to the airport, clears the head before getting home.”

But even with the chaos of Storm Dennis over, Ireland is yet to expect even more blustery weather as Met Éireann have issued a yellow weather warning for much of western Ireland.

Storm Dennis battered Ireland and the UK with 60mph winds and rain.

It is expected that between two and four times the average amount of rain will fall this week, according to Met Éireann. We might also see some snow this weekend, as Irish forecasts predict temperatures are to plummet in the coming days.

But whether or not this will stop the party-loving Irish from enjoying their beverages in the great outdoors of the Emerald Isle, remains to be seen.

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