Brand new survey reveals the best places to live in Ireland in 2021

A brand new survey by The Irish Times has revealed the best places to live in Ireland in 2021. Did your city make the list?

The island of Ireland is home to rugged landscapes, bustling cities, coastal towns, vibrant villages, and everything in between, making it a unique place to reside in and live.

As such, it can be a difficult task narrowing down the best place to live in Ireland. However, The Irish Times has done just that, managing to reveal the place they think is the Emerald Isle’s premier home.

Read on to find out which places were revealed to be the best places to live in Ireland for 2021.

The initial checklist – and then there were five

The initial list included Clonakilty in County Cork.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Throughout the summer of 2021, The Irish Times surveyed over 2,400 members of the Irish public. Respondents chose 470 locations from all 32 counties as their candidates for the best places to live in Ireland in 2021.

The voluminous response narrowed the competition down to five unique locations across the Emerald Isle. These included Clonakilty, County Cork; Galway city; Glaslough, County Monaghan; Waterford city; and Killarney in the kingdom of Kerry.

Galway was named among the best places to live in Ireland in 2021.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

The list was compiled for The Irish Times ‘Best Place to Live in Ireland 2021’ competition. The judges involved visited all locations as part of the nomination process.

Irish Times journalist Conor Goodman chaired the panel. Among the judges were Simon Wall, a County Mayo architect, Rosita Boland, an Irish Times journalist, Zainabe Boladale of RTÉ, and Dr Illona Duffy, a GP and public health commentator.

In the end, judges at the prestigious newspaper chose Waterford, Ireland’s oldest and most established city, as the best place to live in Ireland.

Waterford takes the top spot – the winner of the best places to live in Ireland in 2021

Waterford is the best place to live on the Emerald Isle right now.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

All five of the top candidates remaining had legitimate chances. However,the judges decided unanimously that Waterford city deserved the top spot when it came to the best places to live in Ireland in 2021.

The judges revealed their reasons for choosing Waterford. Chief amongst them was its “liveable and walkable city centre”. This is a powerful amenity to possess for any city across Ireland or indeed the world.

The judges also determined that, in light of the stark housing crisis that faces Ireland and particularly the capital of Dublin city, housing was relatively affordable to people on all incomes in the city.

Winning a prestigious competition – becoming part of history

Waterford took the top spot when it came to best places to live in Ireland in 2021.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Westport in County Mayo first won the award back in 2012. So, Waterford city is joining an impressive list of candidates who have found favour amongthe competition’s judges.

Concluding, Simon Hall said of Waterford city, “Waterford is an unassuming city, with a sense of its own independence. What it has achieved over the past two decades is simply outstanding”.

Well, do you agree with Simon and the remainder of the judges? What do you think are the best places to live in Ireland in 2021?

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