Bolt e-bikes have arrived on the streets of Wexford

Bolt e-bikes have officially become available on the streets of Wexford town as part of a year-long pilot scheme to promote sustainable transport.

Bolt e-bikes have arrived on the streets of Wexford.

Up to 100 electric bikes were installed in Wexford town recently as part of a pilot scheme that promotes sustainable transport.

The bikes were introduced by mobility firm Bolt which specialises in offering the best of the best when it comes to electric bikes.

Wexford becomes the latest Irish town to welcome Bolt, which has previously introduced its e-bike scheme to Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, and Sligo.

Taking Bolt to Wexford town – great benefit to the local community and beyond

Bolt e-bikes have arrived on the streets of Wexford.
Credit: Flickr/ Skellig2008

Bolt Operations Manager for Rentals in Ireland, John Buckley, spoke of the benefits for the local community and beyond.

Buckley said, “We’re very excited to take Bolt to Wexford town, and we’re working closely with Wexford County Council to roll out the service as soon as possible.

“Bolt’s shared electric bike offerings in both Sligo and Kilkenny are proving extremely popular, and our user surveys show our e-bikes are reducing the reliance on private cars and supporting the National Climate Action Plan”.

Bolt – e-bike specialists

The company are specialists in this kind of transport.
Credit: Instagram/ @bolt_ireland

Bolt is a mobility firm that specialises in offering high-quality electric bikes, and besides Wexford, it also has existing operations in counties such as Kilkenny and Sligo.

The company offers excellent scooter and e-bike rental services across Europe. The service aims to replace the need for car trips with a more sustainable alternative.

Their main hope as a business is to build a future where people no longer need to use cars as their primary form of transport and where they will have the freedom to avail of transportation services such as e-bikes regularly.

e-bikes – provide a fast and affordable way of getting around

This provides the people of the town with a fast and affordable way of getting around.
Credit: Unsplash/ Phil Hearing

The e-bike has an ergonomic handlebar and an adjustable seat to ensure maximum comfort. The e-bike also has a front basket to hold belongings, and its frame is built from 100% recyclable aluminium.

As the e-bikes are environmentally friendly, they come with a swappable battery ranging from approximately 90 km (55.9 mi) on a single charge. To ensure safety, the maximum motor-assisted speed is 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

Speaking of the council’s pride in offering this form of transport, Wexford County Council Cycling & Walking Officer Claire Goodwin said, “Wexford County Council is delighted to offer local residents and visitors a sustainable transport option in the town.

“We see a real enthusiasm for making the change away from private car use if there is a convenient alternative. With the introduction of Bolt’s e-bikes on a pilot basis into our town, we hope many people will change how they travel where possible”.

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