I was born and raised in Dublin: Here are 10 of the biggest MISTAKES tourists make

Visitors to Dublin tend to make many mistakes, and here are ten of the biggest things they do wrong over and over again.

I was born and raised in Dublin: Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes tourists make.

Dublin is a thriving city with a lot to offer, but tourists make many mistakes when visiting this vibrant place, for example, not spending enough time there, for one thing.

Dublin is quite often overlooked when it comes to exploring, with many people eager to take on the Wild Atlantic Way, the Causeway Coast or the Ring of Kerry, yet Dublin is a place that can captivate just about anyone.

So, with that in mind, here are ten of the biggest mistakes tourists make when visiting Dublin.

10. Mispronouncing Dublin place names – a big mistake

Mispronouncing Dublin place names is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.

One of the biggest mistakes tourists make when visiting Dublin is butchering the place names. From Dun Laoghaire to D’Olier Street, there are quite a few names commonly mispronounced by tourists.

While locals are well used to this, we can’t blame tourists for struggling.

9. Missing out on live music sessions – a must in Dublin

Missing out on live music sessions.
Credit: Facebook/ The Brazen Head

Forget Matt Molloys in Westport or Roisin Dubh in Galway (although they’re great, too); Dublin has some incredible spots for live music, and many tourists neglect to research.

From The Merry Ploughboy and The Brazen Head in Dublin city centre to Johnny Foxes in the Dublin mountains, live sessions are unmissable in the capital.

8. Underestimating the weather – a sturdy umbrella is essential

Underestimating the weather is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.
Credit: wallpaperflare.com

Ireland experiences four seasons in one day most of the year, but this is one thing that tourists never take seriously until they are caught in a typical Irish downpour.

Dublin can go from being mild and sunny to severely windy and rainy in a matter of hours, so tourists need to be prepared for this and bring the right gear.

7. Skipping Phoenix Park – one of Dublin’s best features

Skipping Phoenix Park is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.
Credit: Flickr / Andy Hay

While many visitors to Dublin are occupied visiting other city centre attractions, many miss out on one of the best and biggest parks on the continent – Phoenix Park.

Tourists never get to see the president’s house, the free-roaming deer, visit Dublin Zoo or pop into the Tea Rooms for a local cuppa with a view.

MORE: our guide to visiting Phoenix Park

6. Disrespecting pub etiquette – the Dublin way

Disrespecting pub etiquette.
Credit: Facebook /@TheAuldDublinerPub

One of the biggest mistakes tourists make when visiting Dublin is waiting to be served in a pub rather than going to order at the bar.

As well as this, not saying cheers or, better still, ‘Slainte’ is another huge mistake that locals notice repeatedly, and a bit of friendly banter wouldn’t go amiss.

5. Not visiting Dublin’s free attractions – some of the best things to do

Not visiting the free attractions in Dublin is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

Tourists are generally mistaken in thinking everything is payable and expensive in Dublin.

As a local, it is common to know about the free attractions such as The National Museum of Ireland, The Chester Beatty Library and even the free guided tour of Aras an Uachtarain every Saturday morning.

4. Missing out on hidden gems – get off the beaten path

Don't miss out on the hidden gems.
Credit: Cahir Davitt / Davitt Photography

One of the most incredible things about Dublin is the huge variety of hidden gems for tourists to visit if they do their research.

From the gorgeous Howth Head cliff walk and visiting Burrow Beach to riding the DART coastal train and stopping off at stunning coastal towns, Dublin has some extraordinary off-the-beaten-path experiences.

3. Only drinking in Temple Bar – a big no-no

Only drinking in Temple Bar is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Yes, one of the biggest mistakes tourists make is drinking in Temple Bar and sticking to this area.

While this is a fantastic place to stroll around and take photos, it is the most expensive part of the city and probably the country, so it is best to grab a pint and some good food in a local area for half the price.

2. Not spending enough time in Dublin – a city with a lot to offer

Spend more time than you think you'll need!
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Many people who visit Ireland tend to plan the least time for Dublin. Instead, they venture off to the highlights of the West Coast, Kerry and the Causeway Coast.

Dublin has more to offer than people think. So, one of the biggest mistakes is not leaving enough time to experience it all.

1. Not trying the local food – the best cuisine

Not trying local food is one of the biggest mistakes tourists make.
Credit: Instagram/ @dianemorrisey

By local, we mean food from Dublin. Dublin is renowned for meals like Dublin coddle, beef and Guinness pie, fish and chips, and an Irish breakfast with all Dublin-sourced ingredients.

Dublin is a great place to try seafood chowder, boxty and, of course, Irish stew. Visitors should definitely take time to indulge in these Irish dishes.

From embracing the unpredictable weather and venturing beyond tourist hotspots to savouring traditional cuisine in local areas and immersing yourself in the local music scene, Dublin has a wealth of experiences awaiting you.

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