‘Big chill’ to hit Ireland this week, with temperatures dropping to -2

Winter is well and truly on the way, as Met Éireann warns frosty temperatures are set to hit Ireland this week.

It’s time to unpack the winter woollies as Met Éireann predicts a ‘big chill’ will hit Ireland this week.

Temperatures are set to drop this week, reaching sub-zero temperatures as we move into November.

After a blustery weekend that saw yellow weather warnings across the country, things are set to turn cold across the Emerald Isle.

Things are getting chilly – frosty conditions on the way

Big chill predicted to hit Ireland this week.
Credit: Pixabay / pasja1000

Many joke that they enter full-on winter and Christmas mode as soon as Halloween passes.

However, Ireland’s weather seems to have taken the joke a little too seriously. Met Éireann predicts a ‘big chill’ will hit Ireland this week.

Tuesday will see a foggy start, with sunny spells and scattered showers continuing throughout the afternoon. The west and north will see the heaviest showers, and highest temperatures will reach 9 C to 11 C (48.2 F to 51.8 F).

Overnight, temperatures will drop to as low as 0 C (32 F) as scattered showers persist overnight.

Tomorrow and midweek – ‘big chill’ to hit Ireland this week

Big chill will hit Ireland midweek.
Credit: Pixabay / ybernardi

Wednesday is set to be largely dry and sunny across most of Ireland as any fog lifts early in the morning. A cold northerly breeze will cause a chill across the country, and highest temperatures will reach 8 C to 11 C (46.4 F to 51.8 F).

Overnight, temperatures could reach lows of -2 C (28.4 F) in parts of the country, the coldest of this week. Light showers are predicted in coastal areas throughout the night.

Thursday is set to be largely dry, with good spells of sunshine throughout the day. However, cloud is set to increase throughout the day in north and west areas.

Thursday night will also be mostly dry, but cloud cover will persist throughout the night. Temperatures are set to reach lows of 1 C to 6 C (33.8 F to 42.8 F), with the coldest temperatures in the south.

Moving into the weekend – a slight increase in temperatures

Conditions will grow milder as we move towards the weekend.
Credit: Pixabay / jamboo7809

The ‘big chill’ predicted for Ireland will pass midweek with steady temperature increases as we move into the weekend.

Met Éireann predicts Friday to be mostly dry and cloudy. However, they have also stated, “there will be some patchy light rain or drizzle at times too, mainly in western and northern counties”.

Temperatures on Friday will reach highs of 10 C to 12 C (50 F to 53.6 F). Then, dropping to 6 C or 7 C (42.8 F or 44.6 F) overnight.

They predict Saturday to be “breezy and cloudy… with outbreaks of mostly light rain crossing the country”. Temperatures are milder throughout the weekend, with highs of 12 C to 14 C (53.6 F to 57.2 F).

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