The 10 best THIN LIZZY songs of all time

Thin Lizzy rocked Ireland and the rest of the world between 1969 and 1983, and here are their top ten greatest songs of all time.

The 10 best Thin Lizzy songs of all time.

Formed in Dublin in 1969, there are few rock bands that can compare to Thin Lizzy. Led by the charisma and magnetism of Phil Lynott, the band created a discography that continues to inspire new generations of listeners today.

Breaking down their ten best songs of all time will be no easy feat, and we’re sure some people will disagree with us, but from their hit classics to the hidden gems, let’s take a look at the ten best Thin Lizzy songs of all time.

10. The Boys Are Back In Town – the band’s most famous track

We’re going to start our list of the best Thin Lizzy songs of all time strong with the absolute banger that is ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’.

The hit single was released in 1976 as the first single from their world-famous album Jailbreak. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song 272nd on the 2021 edition of its “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.

‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ is perhaps the most well-known song by the band and one that will continue to be played and learned for generations to come.

9. The Rocker – great from every angle

‘The Rocker’ is from the band’s 1973 album Vagabonds of the Western World. It’s easily one of their best tracks, with the vocals from Lynott, strings from Eric Bell, and drums from Brian Downey all coming together to make a classic rock n’ roll track.

8. That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart – for the relationship blues

Thin Lizzy released ‘That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart’ on 1977’s album Bad Reputation. It was written by Lynott and is one of our favourite Thin Lizzy songs of all time.

If you haven’t heard this one, then stick it on next time you find yourself going through some relationship trouble. If not as a salve for heartbreak, then at least for the minute-long guitar solo.

7. Dancing In The Moonlight – one of the best Thin Lizzy songs of all time

Also from Bad Reputation, ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ embodies the band’s uncanny ability to put together catchy melodies with intriguing storytelling.

With its upbeat rhythm and infectious hooks, there is no way you’ll be able to stay off your feet when ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ comes on the radio.

6. Wild One – a poignant ballad

‘Wild One’ is a poignant ballad from the band’s 1975 album Fighting. When performing the song, Lynott would refer to it as “a song about running away”.

He was referring to the 30,000 Irish soldiers who left Ireland to serve in Europe following the Treaty of Limerick in 1691. “Wild one, won’t you please come home…”.

5. Don’t Believe a Word – an anti-love song

Written by Lynott, the lyrics of ‘Don’t Believe a Word’ tell the story of a man warning his lover not to believe a word he says as he cannot be trusted or relied on.

It’s a punchy, anti-love song that really shows Lynott at his best – raw, unfiltered, concise, and brilliant. This song definitely deserves its place on our list of the best Thing Lizzy songs of all time.

4. Got To Give It Up – early signs of trouble

‘Got To Give It Up’ is one of the band’s most moving songs. Many also believe the song is an early cry for help from Lynott, who, at this stage, had already developed a heroin habit.

The emotional, bluesy opening from Gary Moore quickly turns to a more upbeat and jovial song, alluding to hope not being lost quite yet.

3. Jailbreak – a classic rock n’ roll song

‘Jailbreak’ from the album by the same name is rock n’ roll at its absolute finest. We think this is one of the best songs of all time by an Irish band.

Every element of the song attacks the senses in the best way possible, from the powerful vocals and harmonies to the unforgettable guitar riffs. It was a masterpiece in the making.

2. Little Girl in Bloom – raw and emotional

‘Little Girl in Bloom’ sees the band stripped down to an emotional and raw side that we don’t often see.

This song is said to allude to Lynott’s mother, Philomena, who ran away from Dublin to England in 1949. Here, she gave birth to her son out of wedlock.

The song refers to the secret “she carried in her womb”. Lynott sings as both the absent father and the abandoned child in the scenario.

1. Cowboy Song – one to be heard live

Another excellent song from their 1976 album Jailbreak, ‘Cowboy Song’ might not have garnered as much attention as ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ and ‘Jailbreak’, but it’s certainly one of the best Thin Lizzy songs of all time.

At the time, the band was one of the best live bands in the world. So do yourself a favour and listen to a live recording of this track; you won’t be disappointed.

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