Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.

We all know that Irish pubs are renowned for their vibrant ambience, camaraderie, and a special blend of tradition thrown in, but one of the best ways to enhance this is to introduce pub games.

Irish pubs have long been a place of socialising, where people can let loose and enjoy themselves, whether with a quiet pint after work or a shindig on the weekend.

If there is one thing the Irish love to do in a pub more than drink, it’s to join in on a classic pub game like darts or pool, which have stood the test of time.

So, if you wondered what the best pub games are to play in an Irish pub, here are classic favourites in pubs across the country.

10. Bitcoin roulette – a new era of crypto roulette

Bitcoin roulette combines the thrill of classic roulette with the allure of cryptocurrency.
Credit: Pexels/ Anna Shvets

Bitcoin roulette, or BTC roulette, is one of the most innovative games. With many types of Bitcoin roulette games emerging through enhanced technology, many Irish casinos and online sites are starting to catch on.

The game combines the thrill of classic roulette with the allure of cryptocurrency, takes modern gaming to a new level, and can easily be accessed online wherever you are.

9. Jenga – an excellent pub game for all

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.
Credit: Pexels/ RDNE Stock project

Jenga is a game that is exciting, intense, and downright fun to play with friends almost anywhere, but these days, plenty of Irish pubs feature this game in their collection.

This is a popular game in alternative and hip craft beer bars and old-school hangouts nationwide.

8. Foosball – a lively game for a night out

Foosball makes for a lively night out.
Credit: Pexels/ Denniz Futalan

Foosball, also known as table football, is common in some traditional Irish pubs and sports bars around the country and is one of the top games you can play to liven up the atmosphere.

This fast-natured game will unite people and add an energetic dimension to your night out.

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.
Credit: Pexels/ Pixabay

Gin rummy is a longtime favourite card game and one of the best pub games in an Irish pub. The strategic nature of the game, paired with ease and excitement, makes it a great option to play with a friend.

The aim is to be the first player to reach 100 by creating sets, and it certainly tests your strategic skills.

6. Rings – a pub game that is making a comeback

This old Irish pub game is one of the most traditional and nostalgic, and if you spot this in your local, you need to give it a go. The game involves a wooden board with 13 hooks onto which you must throw six rubber rings.

This once-popular pub game returns to the scene often, so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Twenty-five – a fantastic pub game for groups

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.
Credit: (Darliomsa)

This famous Irish card game is one of the best to try when out with your mates. If you’ve never tried it, you are in for a treat and a fun night since the game is played with 2–8 players.

The game’s overall goal is to reach 25 points – hence the name – and it’s an ideal option for a group pub activity.

4. Poker – a blend of strategy, chance, and skill

Poker is a blend of strategy, chance, and skill.
Credit: Unsplash/ Michał Parzuchowski

When it comes to card games, poker is a firm favourite, especially for those who’ve got skills.

It may be the intensity of the game or the strategy involved that makes it so appealing, but playing a casual game of poker or a tournament in an Irish pub is a fantastic way to add an element of competition to a traditional setting.

3. Table quiz – in it to win it

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.
Credit: Flickr/ Mark Hakansson

Table quizzes must be one of the best pub games to play in an Irish pub, and truth be told, if your local pub declares a quiz night, you can guarantee a crowd.

The Irish love a good quiz, and the pub is undoubtedly the ideal place to do it, where camaraderie and competition between tables are fierce.

2. Pool – a game that commands attention

Pool commands attention.
Credit: Pexels/ Tima Miroshnichenko

What can we say? Is an Irish pub without a pool table really an Irish pub? We think not.

A game of pool is one of the best ways to bring a crowd together, and whether you are skilled or inexperienced, this game will get everyone up and socialising while adding a sprinkle of competition for good measure.

1. Darts – in the heart of the nation

Top 10 best pub games to play in an Irish pub.
Credit: Pexels/ Hasan Albari

Darts has to be one of the best pub games to play in an Irish pub, firstly because it is one of the most traditional, and secondly because it genuinely brings a pub alive.

Plenty of people take this longtime favourite pub game seriously, so be prepared to meet your match if you are up for a challenge.

So, if you are keen to enhance the fun on your next night out, make sure to try these popular pub games, which will not let you down.

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