The 10 best nightclubs in Dublin, ranked  

By visiting any of the best nightclubs in Dublin, you will have a fantastic night out to remember in Ireland’s capital city.

As the Irish capital and the biggest city in Ireland, Dublin naturally has quite a bit to offer when it comes to top-quality nightlife venues.

From clubs with brilliant beer gardens and dance floors to clubs which are great music venues and famous for providing a cheap selection of drinks, the city has it all.

Whatever your fancy, you will find it amongst the many illustrious nightclub venues throughout Dublin.

This article will list what we believe to be the top ten best nightclubs in Dublin that you need to experience on a night out.

10. Opium Club – a very versatile nightclub 

Opium is one of the best nightclubs in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / @OpiumLiveDublin

The Opium Club is a versatile nightclub located on Wexford Street with a quirky and vibrant décor and three floors that each specialises in playing a different genre of music.

From techno to nu-disco and deep house, there will be many different types of music to dance to at the Opium Club. The Opium Club hosts live music and themed nights such as Tiki Thursdays.

 Address: 13-14, Liberty Ln, Portobello, Dublin, D08 NF86

9. Fitzsimons – a classic-style nightclub

This is a classic nightclub.
Credit: Twitter / @FitzsimonsBar

Fitzsimons is a classic-style nightclub located in the iconic area of Dublin known as Temple Bar.

Looks are deceiving when it comes to Fitzsimons, as despite looking somewhat small from the outside, it has five floors, five bars, and a heated roof terrace.

Fitzsimons is open seven nights a week and hosts DJs who regularly play all the current chart, R&B, Funk, Soul and pop.

Address: 21/22 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin

8. The Workmans – a bar, nightclub, and music venue all in one

Workmans is one of the best nightclubs in Dublin.

The Workmans is a bar and nightclub music venue all rolled into one, which can be found on the south side of the Liffey.

Weekends here are lively and busy as they regularly host live bands and DJs upstairs. The Workmans is open seven nights a week until 3 am and offers various genres of music that will suit everyone’s taste.

Address: 10 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 VX36

7. Pygmalion – home to a fantastic beer garden

There's a great selection of beer here.
Credit: Facebook / @PygmalionDublin

The Pygmalion, located in Dublin city centre, is famous for having one of the best beer gardens in Dublin, which, come rain or shine, is always packed.

The main music you will hear at Pygmalion is house music, and the clientele you will find here is usually a mix of students and young professionals, making it a hip place to hang out.

Address: 59 William St S, Dublin

6. The Academy – one of Dublin’s biggest nightclubs

The Academy is one of the best nightclubs in Dublin.
Credit: Facebook / @TheAcademyDublin

The Academy is one of the biggest and best nightclubs in Dublin that possesses a vast amount of space for performers and dancers alike.

The nightclub covers three floors and is often used as a concert venue and a club, with weekends usually dedicated to club nights. You will always find a great atmosphere and plenty of room to dance at the Academy nightclub.

Address: 57 Middle Abbey St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 W573

5. Whelan’s – one of the best intimate music venues in Dublin       

Whelan's is a Dublin classic.
Credit: Flickr / Sean Rowe

Whelan’s is worth visiting if you’re a fan of the Irish indie scene. This traditional venue regularly attracts many brilliant international and local live bands, with gigs usually being followed by a DJ playing the best of indie music.

It’s also a great place to grab a quick pint that’s excellently poured.

Address: 25 Wexford St, Portobello, Dublin 2, D02 H527

Dtwo is one of the best nightclubs in Dublin.

Dtwo is an extremely popular choice among locals when choosing a nightclub venue to dance the night away.

Whether you’re looking to have a party or event or enjoy a great night out, Dtwo is a place worth visiting.

When it comes to music, Dtwo offers a wide and excellent variety ranging from what’s currently hot in the charts to classic hits.

With a heated outdoor section to relax in, too, there are many reasons to call into Dtwo.   

Address: 60 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 P902

3. Dicey’s Garden – offers some of the cheapest drinks in the city

This is a great spot in Dublin.
Credit: Instagram / @diceysgardenbar

If you’re looking for a nightclub with two dance floors, a large beer garden, regular cheap drinks and is always packed with people having the craic, then Dicey’s Garden is well worth checking out.

Dicey’s Garden ticks all the boxes with arguably the cheapest drinks in the city. It also hosts live DJs every night playing music ranging from pop to rap and more.

Address: 21-25 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 YF24

2. The George – one of Dublin’s most well-known LGBTQI+ nightclubs

The George is one of the best nightclubs in Dublin.

The George is one of Dublin’s most well-known LGBTQI+ nightclubs. It is regularly filled with drag contests, live music, DJs, and many famous Queens!

Whether you’re looking for some good drinks, a dancing partner or to experience an unforgettable time, this fantastic club will see you well satisfied. For more, also check out the best gay bars in Dublin.

Address: 89 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, D02 R220

1. Copper Face Jacks – the best nightclub in Dublin

Copperface Jacks takes the top spot.

In first place on our list of what we believe to be the top ten best nightclubs in Dublin that you need to experience on a night out is, of course, the lively spot and famous nightclub Copper Face Jacks nightclub.

This club is best known for its cheesy tunes, multiple dance floors, an extensive array of seating areas. To make things even better, it is also a hotel and has a very late licence!

Address: 29-30 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 XV58

That concludes our list of what we believe to be the top ten best nightclubs in Dublin that you need to experience on a night out. Have you been to any of them yet?

Other notable mentions

Sin é is a great place to visit.
Credit: Facebook / @Sin.E.Pub

Sin é: Located on the quays, Sin é is a great place to visit for those looking to experience what the authentic Alternative scene in Dublin has to offer.

The Sugar Club: What was once a cinema/theatre has been transformed into an eclectic music venue. It offers a dazzling mix of jazz, soul, hip-hop, blues and many more types of music to enjoy.

The Living Room: Besides having a sports bar and heated beer garden, this nightclub also offers a great dancefloor, pool tables and a relaxing lounge.

FAQS about the best nightclubs in Dublin:

Is clubbing good in Dublin?

Yes, the Dublin nightlife scene is generally quite well regarded in Dublin, especially for young people. It tends to have something great on offer virtually every night of the week.

What is the biggest nightclub in Ireland?

The largest nightclub in Ireland is the Wright Venue which has four themed floors and can hold 2,000 people.

What night is student night in Dublin?

The primary student night in Dublin is Mondays. Naturally, this is the night when you will find the best student deals too.

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