Top 5 best nightclubs in Cork, ranked

By visiting any of the best nightclubs in Cork, you will have a great experience that you certainly won’t forget!

Come along as we reveal the best nightclubs in Cork.

County Cork is one of the biggest and most popular counties in Ireland. Cork city, as one of the biggest cities in Ireland, has much to offer visitors looking to experience its nightlife.

There are many different styles of nightclubs to choose to visit when in Cork, all of which will see you well satisfied with your experience there.

From clubs focused on the LGBTQI+ community to ones that are great music venues to popular modern nightclubs and great traditional-style bars, there are many great establishments to experience in Cork.

So, without further ado, here are our top five best nightclubs in Cork that you need to experience at least once.

5. Chambers Bar ‒ a favourite amongst Cork’s LGBTQI+ community

Chambers is one of the best nightclubs in Cork.
Credit: Facebook / @ChambersCork

Chambers Bar is a large disco bar that has been a fan favourite amongst the LGBTQI+ community in the city for over 15 years.

Facing opposite the iconic Cork Courthouse on Washington Street, this bar was first established in the heart of Cork City in 2006.

Since then, it has welcomed members of the community from all across the globe. It is renowned for the warm welcome it offers to all who step through its doors.

If you’re looking for a bar that offers a great experience and one that is very welcoming, then you can’t go wrong with a night at Chambers Bar.

Address: Washington St, Centre, Cork

4. The Voodoo Rooms – a popular two-floor nightclub

The Voodoo Rooms should be on your Cork bucket list.
Credit: Facebook / @voodoorooms

The Voodoo Rooms is a trendy two-floor nightclub located on Oliver Plunkett Street. The first floor offers a more relaxed vibe where clubbers can escape from the hustle and bustle of a typical nightclub while enjoying some delicious cocktails.

The second floor offers a large rooftop area and a spacious dance floor, which is the nightclub’s main party area. Both floors of the Voodoo Rooms have their own bars and also have plenty of staff on hand to assist you in any way possible.

Throughout both floors of the Voodoo Rooms nightclub, you will find a vibrant theme. Every element of the environment is very striking and pleasing to the eye.

Address: 74 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork, T12 FP28

3. Rearden’s Bar – one of the best music venues in Ireland

Rearden's Bar is a must-visit.
Credit: Facebook / @reardenscork

Rearden’s operates as a late bar every Monday night and Wednesday to Sunday. There is even live music hosted every Friday and Sunday.

It is undoubtedly regarded as a great music venue, which can be seen in its various accolades. It won Best Music Venue in Ireland in 2006 and 2007 with Licensing World Magazine and Best Bar in Ireland in 2006.

Rearden’s has a distinctive look thanks to its antique light fittings, fabric shades on the wall, and stunningly detailed pendant lights hanging from the ceilings.

Address: 26 Washington St, Centre, Cork, T12 WNP8

2. Bodega Nightclub – a favourite Cork watering-hole

Bodega Nightclub is one of the best nightclubs in Cork.
Credit: Facebook / @oldtownwhiskeybaratbodega

Bodega Nightclub in Cork City embodies everything a great modern nightclub has to offer. The sound system is up to date and high quality. Meanwhile, the club’s interior includes exciting wall and ceiling visuals that will stimulate your senses.

Bodega is a great nightclub to soak in the atmosphere while dancing to great music being blasted from a brilliant sound system.

Set on Cornmarket Street in Cork City Centre, guests can expect energetic music, friendly Irish hospitality, and a great time at one of the city’s best-loved late night spots.

Address: 44-45 Cornmarket St, Centre, Cork, T12 W27H

1. Sin é – the best traditional pub in Cork

Sin É tops our list of the best pubs and bars Cork city has to offer.
Credit: Facebook / @sinecork

In first place on our list of the top five best nightclubs in Cork that you need to experience at least once in Sin é. This spot is widely viewed as being the best traditional pub in Cork!

With traditional Irish music played every night of the week, excellent Irish food on offer, and a great selection of drinks, Sin é has so much to offer those visiting.

Sin é has a rich history as it first opened its doors in 1889. Ever since, the pub has consistently pulled in huge crowds and has always been popular. Sin é was even once voted one of the best places in the world to spend St Patrick’s Day!

Address: 8 Coburg St, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 KF5N

So, that concludes our list of the top five best nightclubs in Cork that you need to experience at least once. Have you visited many of them?

Notable mentions

Costigan's is one of the best nightclubs in Cork.
Credit: Facebook / @CostigansPub

The Roundy: Located in the heart of Cork City, this venue is truly unique. It doubles as a café and record store during the day and an intimate live music venue and bar at night. What more could you want?

The Oliver Plunkett Bar: While a good place to grab coffee or lunch during the day, The Oliver Plunkett comes alive at night thanks to its friendly atmosphere and regular live music offerings.

Costigan’s: One of Cork’s best traditional Irish pubs, this bar is rich in history and character. It comes equipped with a brilliant beer garden and inviting fireplace. Costigan’s also has an extensive selection of gins and whiskeys.

The Corner House: Located on Coburg Street, The Corner House is a must-visit for traditional music sessions. The home to the Lee Delta Blues Club, this is the ultimate spot for drinks and a great venue for music in the city.

The Crane Lane Theatre: A nice music venue in Cork City Centre, The Crane Lane Theatre is open seven nights a week. With a beautiful beer garden and friendly people, this is the ideal spot for a night out in the city.

Mutton Lane Inn: Located just off Patrick Street, Mutton Lane Inn is a hub of Irish culture. With friendly people and plenty of drinks and live music, it’s no wonder Mutton Lane Inn is such a popular spot in Cork City Centre.

Sober Lane: A lively gastropub, Sober Lane is a favourite Cork watering-hole among tourists and locals alike.

FAQs about the best nightclubs in Cork

Does Cork have a good nightlife?

Yes, as a university city, Cork has a very active and fun club scene.

What night is student night in Cork?

Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally regarded as being student nights in the city.

Is Cork good for a stag do?

Yes, Ireland’s largest county, Cork, is one of the country’s best places to have a stag do (or hen party) in Ireland.

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