Best Irish whiskey of 2024, revealed

The hills of Donegal overcame the stringent tasting test to win the award for the best Irish whiskey of 2024. Have you tasted Silkie Whiskey yet?

Best Irish whiskey of 2024, revealed.

Irish whiskey is world-renowned for its quality. It is constantly steeped in praise, has been enjoyed for years, and will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

It is, therefore,  no small feat to win the award for the best Irish whiskey of 2024, but The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey from the hills of Donegal has done just that!

If you have tasted the whiskey before, perhaps the award is no surprise to you. If you haven’t, then maybe this is the indication you needed to give it a go.

The award for the best Irish whiskey of 2024 – a strict evaluation

The award for the best Irish whiskey of 2024. Pictured is a glass of Irish whiskey with ice.
Credit: / @PublicDomainPicture

The English newspaper The Independent bestowed this crown upon Silkie Irish Whiskey. All Irish whiskies sampled had to undergo two tests to come out on top.

Firstly, they were assessed on the whiskey’s performance when it was drank neat. A couple of drops of water were added, and then an ice cube.

The second test added the whiskey with a mixer. It was then made into an Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail. All of the Irish whiskies were blind-tested, so this is truly the ultimate prize.

Silkie Whiskey coming out on top – Slieve League standing tall

Silkie Whiskey is produced by Sliabh Liag Distillers.
Credit: Facebook/ The Ardara Distillery

Reviewing Silkie Irish Whiskey, which is produced by Sliabh Liag Distillers, The Independent stated that the whiskey has “an incredibly approachable flavour profile”.

This makes it the “perfect choice for all palates … with a distinct character, texture and mouth-watering taste that would make any Irishman or Irishwoman proud to put their name alongside it”.

James Doherty, founder of Sliabh Liag Distillers, stated this achievement was “testament to the quality of the whiskeys we source and the blending process that allows us to explore taste and use profound memories to bring character and flavour to Irish whiskey.”

He also said, “Each accolade Silkie receives is further proof of our commitment to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation in the whiskey industry.”

Sliabh Liag Distillers and the Ardara Distillery? – an award-winning company

Who are Sliabh Liag Distillers and the Ardara Distillery.
Credit: Facebook/ The Ardara Distillery

Sliabh Liag Distillers define their mission as reclaiming the distilling heritage of County Donegal and that they want to reclaim the “rich illicit distilling heritage of this county” which will “give Donegal back its rightful place in Ireland’s distilling legacy.”

Sliabh Liag Distillery is riding on the crest of a wave. In June 2021, The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey won a huge 96 points in the US-based Ultimate Spirits Competition. It was also named as one of the top 100 spirits globally in 2021.

2022 was also a historic year. The company filled their 500th cask and opened a new home in the Ardara Distillery to the public in February 2022.

Have you tried Silkie Irish Whiskey? If not, this might just be the push you need to give it a go.

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