The Guinness Guru’s top 5 best GUINNESS in BELFAST

Everyone is well aware of the splendour of a pint of Guinness in Ireland’s capital of Dublin, but how does the capital of the North of Ireland compare?

The Guinness Guru’s top 5 best GUINNESS in BELFAST.

Darragh Curran has made a name for himself as the expert in terms of the black stuff, so there’s no one better to judge the pints on offer in some of Belfast’s best bars.

Searching for a proper pint of the black stuff in Belfast? Here are the Guinness Guru’s top five best Guinness in Belfast.

5. Duke of York (6.9) – a decent pint in a nice setting

The Duke of York serves up some of the best Guinness in Belfast.
Credit: Instagram/ @social_stephen

On the hunt for the best Guinness in Belfast, Curran was enamoured with the Duke of York’s interior and the “serious” laneway that the pub runs along.

Despite the beautiful surroundings, however, the Guru deemed this pint of Guinness “decent” but short of excellence.

He was also off-put by the pint’s price but also conceded that after five or six pints, he’s always a bit tipsy and unsure if he’s rating them fairly.

Curran’s video showcases another of the Duke of York’s quaint selling points – its pub ephemera. The video shows decades’ worth of Guinness and Harp adverts, as well as some beautiful vintage bar mirrors.

Address: 7-11 Commercial Ct, Belfast BT1 2NB

4. Kelly’s Cellars (7.3) – some “serious shtick”

For some "serious shtick".
Credit: Facebook / @kellys.cellars

By far the most frequent answer when the Guru sought recommendations for Belfast was Kelly’s Cellars, with some 30-40 recommendations. Curran noted that the pint in Kelly’s had a “decent taste” and “good cream”.

But what really set it apart from others below it on his list was its “serious shtick”. The evidence of this “shtick” was there for all to see with the final shot of his empty white glass as he left Kelly’s Cellars.

While the Guinness in Kelly’s didn’t blow the Guru away, he was sufficiently impressed to award Kelly’s a 7.3.

Address: 30-32 Bank St, Belfast BT1 1HL

3. Hole in the Wall (7.7) – a dark horse

The Hole in the Wall serves up some of the best Guinness in Belfast.
Credit: Facebook/ The Hole In The Wall Belfast

Not on his original list of recommendations, Curran ended up in North Belfast’s Hole in the Wall at the behest of a local follower. And this hidden gem certainly did not disappoint!

Proponent of the controversial one-part pour, the bartender claims that it results in a more velvety finish. The Guru conceded that, although he could not detect a major difference, he could not disagree.

Address: 1 Baltic Ave, Belfast BT15 2HR

2. Maddens (8.2) – Belfast’s bargain pint

Belfast's bargain pint.
Credit: Faecbook/ Madden’s Bar Belfast

Maddens served up a “very good pint” despite the “shtick” not being amazing. The Guru said that the taste and creaminess were very good – so good, in fact, that it bumped the score for Maddens up to 8.2.

Barney the barman was confident that his pint was far superior to the other bars the Guinness Guru had visited, telling the Guru that Maddens is “the only place to go”.

While the taste and the creaminess were both “very good”, the lack of “shtick” stopped the Guinness in Maddens from scoring as highly as it might otherwise.

Curran also notes that, while others have raised their prices, the pint in Maddens remains a steal at £4. If that’s not enough to tempt you, we don’t know what is!

Address: 74 Berry St, Belfast BT1 1FJ

1. Bittles Bar (8.5) – the best Guinness in Belfast

Bittles Bar serves up some of the best Guinness in Belfast.
Credit: Instagram/ @bittlesbar

Nestled in Belfast’s flatiron building is Bittles Bar, which, according to the Guinness Guru, serves up the best pint of Guinness in the city. Only on the maybe list until the staff in Maddens convinced him to go; it’s fair to say it was worth the trip.

Before having a sip, the Guru said it was the best-looking pint he’d had that day. He put this down to the lack of condensation on the glass, the “perfect” head, and its creamy appearance.

Its looks were certainly not deceiving as Bittles’ pint of Guinness earned an 8.5 from Curran, making it the best Guinness in Belfast. And he was quick to berate the fine people of Belfast for their lack of recommendations for Bittles.

On top of the pint itself, the Guru also waxed lyrical about the pub. “I absolutely love this pub”, he said. “It’s tiny, and there’s not an inch of the wall not covered in artwork. It’s an absolutely class pub,” so be sure to add a stop at Bittles’ to your Belfast bucket list.

Address: 70 Upper Church Ln, Belfast BT1 4QL

You can watch the Guinness Guru’s full assessment of Guinness in Belfast above. Be sure to follow the Guinness Guru for more adventures and reviews.

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