Irish Charm: 10 of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle

Searching for a special piece of Ireland to gift to someone? Check out our list of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle for your loved ones.

Irish Charm: 10 of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

We all love to give gifts that are extra special, so if you are thinking of gift ideas for our loved ones we have made it a little easier for you with our list of the ten best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

From Aran knitwear and handmade scarves to Irish gift baskets for those with an appreciation for Irish spirit and culture, let’s take a look.

10. Trinity Necklace – combine culture with fashion

The Trinity Necklace is one of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

Nothing says Irish culture and heritage like a piece of quality jewellery depicting one of the most well-known Irish symbols.

The Trinity Knot is a Celtic symbol that represents love. This iconic symbol depicts three interconnected “leaves” with no beginning or end.

The symbol has strong links to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and other cycles of three, like life, death, and rebirth. This Plain Trinity Pendant is an elegant and timeless piece.

9. Food From Ireland Gift Basket – a taste of the Emerald Isle

What better way to remind someone of home than a taste of it?

The Carrolls ‘Delicious Food From Ireland Gift Basket’ comes equipped with many flavours of Ireland, including an Irish Soda bread making kit, delicious Irish Fudge, proper Irish tea bags, and many more delightful bites from the Emerald Isle.

8. Aran Crafts Button Cardigan – the perfect gift to keep someone cosy

This cardigan is one of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

Bring a piece of Aran Islands heritage into your home with a cosy Aran Crafts Button Cardigan.

With a shawl collar providing a modern feel along with the classic football buttons providing the traditional twist, this cardigan is the perfect gift to keep someone warm and cosy whatever the time of year.

Available in a number of different colours, this lightweight but perfectly comfortable cardigan combines both comfort and style.


7. Aran Woollen Mills Aran Knitted Slip-On Slippers – a hug for your feet

The slippers are one of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

Slippers are a classic gift for a loved one. These slip on slippers, made in Ireland from classic Aran wool, are an incredible, cosy present to give someone during the cold, snug winter months.

These Aran Woollen Mills Aran Knitted Slip On Slippers are the gift for your feet you didn’t know you needed this winter.

6. Shamrock Earrings – a national symbol

A national symbol of Ireland.

This is a great gift to give someone outside of Ireland. Across generations, the shamrock has become a quintessential part of Irish culture.

It’s a symbol that is synonymous with Ireland. It’s a shape that is considered the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. These adorable emerald green Shamrock Earrings are the perfect reminder of home from a loved one living abroad.

5. Merino Wool Scarf – wrap up in style

Wrap up in style with this merino wool scarf.

Another gift that is perfect for the colder time of year is the Merino Wool Scarf – made from the finest materials to keep you warm.

4. Merino Wool Hooded Coat – stylish and comfortable

This coat is one of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

If you know someone who likes to keep warm and comfortable over the winter period and look stylish while doing so, the Merino Wool Hooded Coat is a must.

This coat is loose and comfortable, featuring a stylish cable stitch pattern and an eye-catching Trinity Knot double zip to tie together the Irish look.


3. Guinness Food Gift Basket – perfect for a fan of the ‘Black Stuff’

The perfect gift for a fan of the black stuff.

Do you know someone who is a keen drinker of the ‘Black Stuff’? Well, then this Guinness Official Food Gift Basket is the absolute ticket for them this Christmas.

This unique gift basket includes an Official embossed Guinness Pint Glass, which can be personalised for an additional cost, Guinness Chocolates, Guinness Marmalade and Mustard, and so much more.

2. Merino Wool V-Neck – handcrafted in Ireland

The Merino Wool V-Neck is one of the best gifts from the Emerald Isle.

Of course, this list of the top gifts from the Emerald Isle is aplenty with cosy, handcrafted clothing.

Another piece from Aran Crafts, the Merino Wool V-Neck is knitted right here in Ireland with traditional Aran knitting patterns at the forefront. Take home a real piece of the Emerald Isle with this one.


1. Natural Wool Crew Neck Traditional Aran Sweater – stay cosy this Christmas

One of the best Irish gifts this Christmas.

We continue the trend of keeping warm and snug this winter with this Natural Wool Crew Neck Traditional Aran Sweater.

This is a thick, warm and cosy sweater made from quality materials for long-lasting comfort and style.

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