The 20 Best Beer Gardens Ireland Has To Offer

Ireland is known for its beautiful scenery and amazing pubs (among many other things). This article highlights the 20 best beer gardens in Ireland ranked in order of greatness. Some have the best scenery for a pint, whilst others have an excellent vibe.

20. Jack Meade’s, Waterford

via Jack Meades Bar and Restaurant (Facebook)

This really is probably the most bizarre Beer Garden you’ll ever see. It is an amazing Beer Garden with a playground for the kids in the background. The venue has a delicious restaurant alongside it. Jack Meades is an amazing spot to go to on a hot sunny day.

19. O’Sullivan’s Bar, Crookhaven

via O’Sullivans Bar, Crookhaven (Facebook)

O’Sullivan’s is one of the best spots in Ireland to have a pint and take in a coastal view. It really is amazing. Along with giving drinkers an excellent view, they also hold the claim of serving the most southerly pint in Ireland.

18. Gings Bar, Carrick On Shannon

via Gings (Facebook)

If you want a pint beside a beautiful river, this place will satisfy your needs. On a hot Summer’s day, there really isn’t many places better than this riverside gem.

17. Rosie’s Bar, Ballydehob

via Rosie’s, Ballydehob (Facebook)

Rosie’s is a traditional Cork bar by a stunning river. As you can see from the photo above, it is best to go on Summer evenings for a pint. Stunning!

16. Curragower, Limerick

If you want a pint beside a stunning castle, this is the place for you. You can take in Limerick’s beautiful river and polish off that Guinness with good company!

15. Swagman, Sligo

via Swagman Bar (Facebook)

The Swagman in Sligo is an amazing relaxed spot with a bustling beer garden and musical entertainment. If you are in the area and want a bit of craic, this is the place for you!

14. The Barge, Charlemont Street, Dublin

The Barge is a canalside hub which is a bustling pub on any day there is a bit of sun. Strictly speaking, it probably isn’t a beer garden but it may as well be.

13. The Sunflower, Belfast

via The Sunflower, Belfast (Facebook)

Along with the title of being voted Belfast’s Best Bar in a number of competitions, this place has one of the best beer gardens in the land. If that isn’t enough to entice you to come down, they have an outdoor pizza oven which makes amazing pizza.

12. The Dirty Onion, Belfast

The Dirty Onion is one of Belfast’s newest city centre bars but it hasn’t taken long for it to become one of the best. It has an amazing beer garden which is even packed in winter as they have outdoor heating! Get down here for a pint if you’re in the great city of Belfast.

11. The Moorings, Dungarvan

via The Moorings (Facebook)

Located on the seafront of this beautiful Waterford town, The Moorings has the best Beer Garden in the area. It really is a great spot to enjoy a pint and a bite outdoors.

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