Belfast pub has record sales after Guinness Guru raves about their pints

One Belfast pub has racked up record sales of the ‘black stuff’ following the Guinness Guru’s recent rave review.

Daragh, or as he is better known, the Guinness Guru, recently paid a visit to the north of Ireland.

During his trip, he did the rounds of Belfast’s most popular watering holes to discover where to find the best pint of Guinness in the city.

Visiting seven pubs during his trip, he made his decision. And now, one Belfast pub enjoys record sales after the Guinness Guru raves about their pints.

The best pint in Belfast? – if the Guinness Guru says so, it must be right

Credit: YouTube Screenshot / The Guinness Guru

Known for his honest reviews of Guinness from all over the island of Ireland and further afield, The Guinness Guru has become the unofficial expert of the famous stout.

Prior to his trip, Daragh appealed on Instagram for recommendations of pubs to visit while in Belfast. Receiving over 30 suggestions, he whittled it down to just seven top spots to visit.

The seven contenders included The Crown Bar, Kelly’s Cellars, Maddens, Bittles Bar, The Duke of York, Whites Tavern, and Hole in the Wall in North Belfast.

After a rocky start, the pints around the city slowly improved. However, it was one city centre bar that came out on top, taking the crown for the best pint of Guinness in Belfast.

With a record ranking of 8.5 out of ten – bearing in mind that the Guinness Guru says he doesn’t give out tens – Bittles Bar was named the home of the best pint of Guinness in Belfast.

Nationwide influence – Belfast pub enjoys record sales after Guinness Guru raves about their pints

Credit: Facebook / @bittlesbar

This local, family-run pub is a firm favourite with Belfast locals, who are impressed time and time again with the high-quality pints and friendly service.

Now, however, the pub has received nationwide acclaim, recording record sales following the Guinness Guru’s recent visit.

Taking to Instagram, the pub posted a picture of the fresh delivery of kegs. They announced the news that they are selling more pints of Guinness than any pub in the north of Ireland.

The caption read,  “That’s us stocked up for another week of Guinness madness!

“Big thanks to everyone for soaking up our freshly squeezed pints. Thanks to you, our Guinness sales are higher than they’ve ever been during our 30 years of service.

“At the moment, we’re selling hundreds upon hundreds of Guinness pints every day. Experts have told us that we’re selling more pints of Guinness per square foot than any other pub in the north of Ireland.

“This confirms only one thing – Here at Bittles Bar, every day is Guinness day!”

What the Guinness Guru had to say – the best pint of Guinness in Belfast

Credit: YouTube Screenshot / The Guinness Guru

Arriving at the pub, Daragh was immediately impressed by Bittles’ exterior, stating, “[This is] one of the coolest looking pubs I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He stepped inside and showed the bar’s uniquely decorated interior before getting down to business to give his all-important expert review of the Guinness served.

Showing off the creamy pint, Daragh said, “Bittles was on the maybe list. But, to be fair, that looks absolutely unbelievable.”

Before even taking his first sip, he said, “Lookswise, I think that’s the best-looking one I’ve gotten today.”

Credit: Facebook / @bittlesbar

Finally, it was time for the taste test. Shocked by the low number of people that had recommended Bittles as a must-visit, The Guinness Guru was pleasantly surprised by the top-quality pint served to him.

He said, “Maybe it’s a little hidden gem. Really small pub. I absolutely love this pub.” Concluding, Daragh awarded Bittles a record score of 8.5, stating, “That is an unbelievable pint.”

Bittles is a hidden gem no longer. Thanks to the Guinness Guru’s rave review, this family-run Belfast pub enjoys record sales of the black stuff.

Daragh also recently named some top spots in Dublin for a great pint of Guinness, naming John Kavanagh’s the home of the best pint in the capital.

Watch the Guinness Guru’s full video here:

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