Belfast named among best cities for street art

Vibrant murals and colourful paintings brighten the city streets. So, street art has become a huge attraction throughout the city of Belfast.

Street art has come a long way in recent years. From being viewed as a criminal act of vandalism or graffiti to a respected and admired form of independent art, this modern art form has taken over city streets around the world.

From officially commissioned pieces to murals with a message, street art has become an important part of the fabric of many cities. So important has this urban art form become that there are even hundreds of tours dedicated to discovering the street art of various cities.

With breathtaking murals colouring the streets of cities around the UK and Ireland, visitors will be spoilt for choice. However, make sure to add Belfast to your list. The Northern Irish capital has been named among the best cities for street art.

Street art across the UK ‒ impressive works of urban art

Belfast has been named among best cities for street art.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Recognising the important part street art plays in the fabric of any modern city, South Western Railway compiled a list of the UK’s best street art cities.

To come up with the list, they looked through social media, checking Instagram hashtags and TikTok views. They also analysed Google searches to discover which cities proved most popular for street art.

From the heights of Scotland to the South West Coast, Northern Ireland to Wales, they ranked the best cities for street art across the UK. We were pleased to discover that Belfast ranked highly on the list of the best cities for street art.

Belfast ranked among the best cities for street art ‒ plenty to discover

Enjoy a street art tour of the city.
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

The Northern Irish capital claimed eighth place on the list of best cities for street art. Boasting a total of 9,260 Instagram hashtags and 2,925 TikTok views, street art is a popular attraction in the city.

Google search results show a total of 3,630 searches for street art in the city. Therefore, highlighting how many are keen to discover the most incredible pieces dotted around Belfast.

Unsurprisingly, London claimed the top spot, with an unrivalled 549,728 Instagram hashtags and 27,610,800 TikTok views. Bristol claimed second place, with 90,583 Instagram hashtags and 31,100 TikTok views.

Manchester ranked third, followed by Glasgow and Liverpool in fourth and fifth. Brighton claimed sixth, followed by Sheffield in seventh, ranking just ahead of Belfast. Closing out the top ten, Birmingham ranked ninth and Edinburgh tenth.

Best spots for street art in Belfast ‒ beautiful murals and paintings all around the city

Belfast has been named one of the best cities for street art.

Belfast has seen an explosion of colour in recent years, with colourful new murals and paintings popping up everywhere.

So, now that Belfast has been ranked among the best cities for street art, many will be wondering where to see the very best pieces. Some great spots to discover street art in the city include Union Street, Talbot Street, Hill Street, Pottinger’s Entry, and Crown Entry.

However, just take a walk around the city centre. That way, you will be greeted by plenty of stunning colourful pieces around almost every street corner. Discover more about street art in Ireland here.

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